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Obesity in The Newer Generation – Part 5

Obesity in the new generation

have been going on and on about obesity and how it is affecting metabolism and health. But what if we say, it also affects the next generation; the generation yet unborn.

Obesity in women not only means that they are at risk for heart disease and diabetes, it also means that the next generation they produce, will also be more likely to be obese.

How, you ask? The answer is very simple. Processed foods we eat off the receptors in the brain that regulate when to stop eating. As a result, the battery in the food.

When women become pregnant, and continue to eat the same kind of food, or already suffering from obesity, which transfer the same eating habits of their unborn child.

Therefore, the developing fetus therefore still programmed to eat more than necessary and demands more.

The only way to counter this serious problem is to ensure that new mothers refrain from junk and processed foods thereby keeping away the risk of obesity, all together. We at UrbanWired, could not agree more!

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Sameena Kenaz

Sameena Kenaz is an editor UrbanWired. She graduated in Journalism message and a believer in the power of healthy food. Sameena expected to drive people’s attention to their health so they can live better, healthier, longer and without problems! Life

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