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Obesity: A Symptom of Addiction – Part 4

Obesity: a symptom of addiction

In some of our previous videos, we have to show how sugar can be as addictive as any drug on the planet.

foods today include a high amount of sugar. This sugar triggers the release of dopamine (feel good hormone) in our brains and bodies. The reward center of the brain, eventually get immune to dopamine begin to feel withdrawal symptoms, in the same way way would be a drug addict, when he / she tries to quit.

As a result of our receivers build immunity to dopamine, which begins to feel deprived and hungry all the time making us eat more, leading to obesity. We eat not any food, but food that caters specifically to our body with the type of sugar that we’ve gotten addicted to.

This is also one of the reasons, leptin (another hormone that tells the brain when to stop eating) has stopped working in our bodies. When our brain receives the signal when to stop, to keep eating causing to become obese.

These changes in hormones and receptors do not take place overnight, but it can last forever. It is safe to say therefore that obesity can change the way your brain works …

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We do not believe? See more especially here.

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