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New way to get rid of prescription drugs

OLD TOWN, Maine – Many police departments collect unwanted prescription drugs. The city of Old Town can now give your community a way to get rid of old medicines.

The Old Town Police Department was not taking medication at all. He wrote on his Facebook page, "the Old Town Police Department stopped taking unused medications in 2015 because they couldn't account for them like other properties that enter the police department."

Now, the department is using the Deterra drug deactivation system. It comes in a bag that can deactivate up to 45 pills at a time, said Deputy Chief Lee Miller.

All you have to do is open the bag, place the drugs and add warm water. Then, the drugs will be deactivated and can go to waste.

Old Town Police obtained a grant that awarded them 1,000 free bags. For anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted medications, you can pick up a bag at the Old Town police department or call them at 827-3984.

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