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New Test For Diabetes Can Help Determine it Much Earlier

The Federal Drug Authority (FDA) of the United States has approved a new test for diabetes.
This promises to change the way it’s going to be diagnosed, control and treat diabetes in the future.

But how does this limit work?
works by determining the levels of an autoantibody produced by a person. A positive result indicates that he or she has diabetes.

Why is this test Such Great news?

1 . The test diagnosed with type 1 long before the blood test that detects blood sugar diabetes. At this time, people who start developing symptoms of diabetes achieve levels of blood sugar tested. This blood test confirms diabetes in a stage where a lot of damage has been done to the body of a patient.

2 . New test will prevent damage to the body organs due to high levels of blood sugar.

We believe that this is a major step forward in the global war against diabetes.

The test has only been discovered and have been commercially developed, yet. However, we are waiting for safe effective and rapid test for diabetes on the market soon. But above all, we are anxiously awaiting a permanent cure for diabetes through stem cell therapy.

Need more information about this new test? You can get it at:


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