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New Study Explains the Real Reason Why Smart People Have Less Desire for Physical Activity

By saying smart, we mean people who they like to use your brain more than others.

This has nothing to do with IQ level, because even some of the individuals with a low IQ can have a huge passion for the solution of intellectual tasks.

study that was recently conducted and published in the Journal of Health Psychology is showing some interesting results. People who use their brain more and really enjoy making difficult mental tasks tend to have less physical activity during the day. This could be related to our evolution. The more we develop our brain and cognitive abilities, but began to move us.

Most of the jobs that are attractive for people who tend to use their brains more often include long hours sitting office. This, however, does not mean that such works will not attract people who do not have a great need for cognition.

Psychological studies

A need for cognition is actually used as a metric in this study and is widely used in psychological studies like NFC abbreviation . The method used in this research included a survey of 18 questions was basically asking if a person likes to have the responsibility to do the tasks that require a lot of thought or if you prefer tasks that require little thought. An interesting question that helped us to determine which group one belongs examinee was a question 😕

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Do you find a task that includes plenty of entertainment ideas

60 students were enrolled in the study and were divided into groups of “thinkers” with NFC and high-tech “engines” with the NFC minimal. Students were using a device called device actigraphy for one week. activity, movements, physical muscle movements and daily activities such as moving the limbs, flat walk, dance, exercise is measured, etc. Students who showed less physical activity were those who showed a high NFC in the survey while low NFC students showed much more physical activity.

Because the study included college students, this does not indicate any relation to the chosen profession or type of work they are doing. The results are not based on their cognitive preferences. The researchers said it is possible that the difference in physical activity among persons of high NFC individuals degree, and under the NFC of the same age who do not attend college is even greater.

is very important to note that the need for cognition is totally different category of simple intelligence.

There are many people of high IQ who simply do not like to use your brain in their daily tasks and prefer a simple and repeat routine. This means that these high IQ people have a very low NFC.

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A survey question that asks whether the individual has or finds a cognitive challenge as a fun task is giving us the best explanation of the difference between IQ and NFC. Smart people ( NFC high technology) are entertaining themselves mentally, while the low-NFC develop a sense of boredom when faced with a task that includes a lot of thought.

As in everything in life, both of these two human traits, low or high NFC NFC, are not too good for our health if they are present. physical and necessary to maintain our health activity is recommended, while aversion cognitive activities can affect our mental health, job satisfaction, and overall life success.

Therefore, if you think you are in the category of smart people, start exercising to balance your overall health!

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