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New Study Claims Sugar is Even More Dangerous For the Organism

New Study Claims Sugar is Even More Dangerous For the Organism

Eating too much sugar is far greater threat to the metabolism and health than previously believed, according to a study recently conducted the results were published in the professional journal of obesity.

Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet for nine days significantly improved the health status of groups of young people who participated in the study which was conducted by a pediatric endocrinologist at the Hospital of UCSF Benioff Children San Francisco, Robert Lustig.

A group of 43 obese children and adolescents aged nine to 18 who were treated at the clinic of the consequences of obesity, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, for nine days, the amount of sugar the diet was reduced and replaced by foods rich in starch.

Every day the same amount of calories as usual, sugar food fell from 28 percent to 10 percent are consumed, and fructose, which is considered to be particularly problematic, fell from 12 percent to four percent of total calories. It was allowed to eat fruits and sugary foods have been replaced by starchy foods, pastries, cereals and pasta.

After nine days, doctors found that the metabolic health of children has improved at all levels – decreased blood pressure, “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides, insulin levels in the blood reduced by a third, and liver function improved [

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“the sugar calories are the worst because the liver become fat, resulting in insulin resistance and lead to the risk of developing diabetes , heart disease and liver, “said Dr. Lustig, explaining that a lot of sugar is not a danger to the body because of the calories, but due to the efforts that metabolism is ‘investing’ in order set.

criticism of experts

despite the results of the Lustig research, many of her colleagues resented the overused small sample to get the results. Professor nutrition at Kings College London, Tom Sanders said the study should be taken with some skepticism because there was no comparison group of patients who continue to consume sugary foods.

But Lustig and his colleagues hope to expand the study to determine if the search change for the better, are produced by removing large amounts of sugar in the effect of long-term diet.

The says a study sugar is even more dangerous for the organism first appeared in Healthy Life Concept .

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