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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 1st, 2016

the New Moon Solar to 9 degrees of Virgo Eclipse takes place on Thursday, September 1 at 4:03 Central standard time. It is a Annular Solar Eclipse , which means that will create the crown visible ring ( “ring of fire”) most people associate with eclipses. The closer an eclipse is Nodes of the Moon, stronger ; with the North Node at 12 degrees of Virgo this set us up for powerful and intense eclipse! The Sun, New Moon and North Node in Virgo all be accompanied by Mercury retrograde exactly conjunct Jupiter at 28 degrees Virgo. That’s all stellium five stars! Virgo New Moon / Solar Eclipse / Stellium also form a tremendous mutable T-square squaring Mars at 14 degrees of Sagittarius and Saturn in Sagittarius 10 and opposing Neptune retrograde at 10 degrees of Pisces.

Orbs are tight for this; no room for anything but a major event. Depth, power and complexity of everything that is happening in this eclipse gives me a feeling of a “perfect storm”, which is likely to be easier to assess the consequences of what is understood as develops.

This eclipse, along with the equally important Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16, occurs in a mutable mutable forming a T-square. Here’s an overview of what that means, from a previous post

“The cardinal signs -Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn- is usually thought of as the most changing, but it is actually the work of the cardinal signs simply start change;. trigger points and pot stirring Each of the cardinal signs start an equinox. the -Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, fixed signs Aquarius- stabilize and solidify the actions of the cardinal signs. therefore, it is mutable signs are actually the most changing as they follow the fixed signs, but precede the cardinal signs, adapt and adjust to the curves of the road, flows of nature with the cardinal signs of starting a new season of each mutable signs show the anticipation of the new stations;. the feeling of change in the air that can vary from one day to the other not unlike the rapidly changing climate in the months between seasons.

The mutable [T-square] brings discomfort in the four seasons that appear to be in the air at once, not knowing from one day to the other, which way the wind is blowing us. Adding to the sense of simultaneously inhabit different worlds, all four of the mutable signs are bicorporeal or “body double” signals representing duality: Gemini is the sign of the twins, Pisces sign Two Fish connected but swimming in opposite currents, Sagittarius, the archer who is half horse and half man. Virgo is often regarded as a sign of dual nature in the astrology but was bicorporeal considered in traditional astrology, and those familiar with issues Virgo should be able to detect the Madonna / whore and sacred / profane dichotomy signal. “

occurring on the first day of September, in fact, there is a tangible sense of changing seasons, to leave something important behind and preparing for a … new cycle to begin Gemini is not represented here, but the other three mutable signs each competing for attention Particularly Virgo, of course season Virgo is harvest season, a time of harvest and preparation . As I wrote at the beginning of the year, 2016 is a year of change and transition , much of that work has already taken place and now we begin to see where they end and start new chapters. Reviewing the past to prepare for the future is a specialty of Mercury in its apparent retrograde motion. While Mercury Rx to 28 degrees is removed too far from the 9 degrees Solar Eclipse is actually an important factor, it remains part of the Virgo stellium and has our performance-oriented upstream mind, see things from unexpected angles . What is in the orb Virgo New Moon / Solar Eclipse is Mars in Sagittarius, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Undoubtedly, 2016 was largely determined by Mars retrograde in Sagittarius (and Scorpio) and Saturn-Neptune squares in progress. While Mars has been direct from late June, and clear retrograde shadow since mid-August, we are still leading the themes of righteous anger and the (and destructive!) Healthy expression or not of that energy with us. This square Virgo Mars Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings at the same time just ahead anger and center again while you are asked to solve it, or put it to let it go. The same with the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, which strongly respects this eclipse. The end of the three squares exact Saturn-Neptune perfects the September 10, but here on September 1 Virgo Solar Eclipse, Saturn and Neptune are already at 10 degrees each sign. The reality as we have known (Saturn) has been in a constant state of uncertainty and dissolution (Neptune), as places began in 2015. This surrealism will reach its climax in the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse just before the final Saturn-Neptune. Eclipses are usually times to let go of things, and this is the time to put aside the idea that we are in control, knows everything, has it all figured out. There is a very hard challenge here: feeling a Intoxicated (Neptune), working with information and unreliable data (Mercury retrograde) and was asked to put it all into practice, however, (Virgo) bits. depersonalization is going to be one thing, both eclipses this September. Such a challenge requires not only skill, but a little magic, and the sign of Virgo for work. Virgo often not given due credit is (a common theme of Virgo, because it is) as a sign associated with alchemy. Scorpio tends to be given that title; However, the distinction is as follows: Scorpio aqueous burns, purifies and transmutes matters of the soul, while Earthy Virgo works the alchemical process in matters of the physical realm. The symbology of Virgo as pure separating the wheat from the chaff Virgin applies not only to the demanding mundane details of everyday life, but also the wider of our spiritual life expressed in physical form ritual purification. ( “ Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food ” and all that …) The mantra or intent in this case is “ heal thyself “ .

“Of all the tribal roles associated with the shaman or witch, dispensing healing (or poisonous) concoctions seems preeminent. This traditional paper assumes additional layers of urgency in a world invaded by large pharmaceutical companies and food supply systems monoculture. Now we are sick alarming and unprecedented … we must recover the role of healer. This is not simply a matter of turning back the clock to simpler times. it is not replacing aspirin with willow bark tea and then hit the drive-thru window … the best magicians are scavengers and Faders utility of the useless . “

While the Moon in Pisces full Lunar Eclipse on September 16 clears the psychic terrain, to facilitate the clear need to first clean up our act in our daily basic physical functions such as earth sign Virgo sees a type of spiritual healing in healing the physical body and the environment in which we live.

I’m concerned about natural disasters and earthquakes, in particular as eclipses this September, but moreso in this solar eclipse in Virgo because it is the strongest of the two, and so firmly triggers the Saturn-Neptune exact square, which makes easy breakdown of natural structure. My readers will remember a lifetime correctly predicted the time of the earthquake in Pisces solar eclipse A March … Those who have planets and / or angles between 7 and 11 degrees of the mutable signs -Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces- activity will eclipse of the strongest in their lives, based on the nature of the planet or the affected angle. Virgo, of course, are the most affected. For the rest of you, as always look to the house of his native (birth) Graph this stellium Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse falls on For more information about how it will affect you personally. Read here for simple instructions on how to find the house in this event falls if you do not already know how to reach it. Also read here for a basic but informative explanation of eclipses in astrology in general. No matter what, this is a tremendously powerful eclipse, one that has many faces, many layers of meaning and that will take time to work through the process according to Virgo.

From the square of Saturn-Neptune is so intimately involved in this New Moon Solar Eclipse, I thought I would like to close this article with most video Saturn-Neptune I could think of: images in black Cassini Saturn and white set in a classic waltz. A marriage of perfectly crafted detailed work and imagination of something momentous:


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