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New Medical Film Highlights One Nurse’s Fight for Vitamin B12 Awareness

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By Heather Callaghan

a new film about the plight of an emergency nurse to treat patients with vitamin B12 is now playing in select theaters.

entertainment consciousness met when the director Elissa Leonard took for the first time a copy of could not be B12? An epidemic of misdiagnosis . Suddenly I was on fire to bring the triumph of vitamin B12 and crossed to life on the big screens.

Sally Pacholok is the new biopic film based on the life of the author of the book and the obstacles she faced in trying to raise the alarm about B12 deficiency. the struggle of real life is dramatized to act and cure the current medical establishment.

The real life of Sally Pacholok was known by his colleagues as “B12 Sally” and sometimes called the “Erin Brockovich” of vitamin B12. She herself was diagnosed with pernicious anemia inherited at age 19, which is just one of the things that leads to a clear deficiency of vitamin B12.

The trailer then reveals that she did her research on vitamin B12 in nursing school. It shows extremely ill patients Sally tries to help, including a suicidal patient – implying that a mere deficiency could be lurking behind what are usually considered psychiatric problems. An invisible deficiency can also lead to dementia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, blood problems, memory loss, mental health, depression, loss of vision, nerve problems and more. It can be exacerbated or caused by an autoimmune, thyroid disorders and more disease.

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Annet Mahendru Actress Sally Pacholok plays in the film Sally Pacholok .

This seems a provocative movie that will inspire people to question the rigid medical establishment, controlled, but also increase the height of your own health and that of your families. Pacholok real life was described by the actress as “the most passionate woman I’ve ever met.” Perhaps the film will inspire others to live their passion and what they are and what they have to share with the world never deleted. (You never know who is watching or listening!)

Speaking of which – the main reason why the film was brought to fruition was that the director plays with a camera and a snippet is placed on YouTube in 2013, surprisingly a quarter million and many calls have to happen to make the full-length film. Someone Leonard said “die with his script in a drawer.” She was inspired that people said their problems were solved by the increased awareness in the video. Consumers like you demanded the film be brought to theaters.

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This film was brought to theaters, thanks to massive outsourcing through a website called Tugg. com. Readers can visit the site and provide support for other unique films playing in theaters. You could be the one to host the movie in your city!

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Sally Pacholok is playing in Sterling Heights, MI, sea at 7:30 pm – See below for more times

For availability tickets, go to Tugg.com or page “Sally Pacholok” Facebook .

Image Credit: Elissa Leonard

This article ( new Relevant medical drama fight one nurse for awareness of vitamin B12 ) may be republished with the attribution of Heather Callaghan and Natural Blaze.com .

Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, blogger and activist natural health food freedom. You can see his work in NaturalBlaze.com . As in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

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