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New handheld device can tell if fruit is ripe

Washington may soon be able to tell if a fruit is ripe or not, thanks to a new portable device developed by researchers at MIT, one of them of Indian origin. The device can evaluate their degree of maturity of the fruit is done by measuring the brightness of chlorophyll in the skin of the fruit under ultraviolet light.

a device like this could make a big difference for apple dealers, who sometimes have to guess when deciding where to send their actions, the researchers said. Maturity test could also help farmers decide the best time to harvest their crops. “There is a huge amount of waste,” said Das Anshuman, a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ‘s Media Lab. One solution might be to analyze the apples using a spectrometer, which measures the brightness of light in specific wavelengths. However, current spectrometers tend to be devices, large and expensive table size, which makes it impractical for most apple vendors and farmers.

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