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New drug offers fresh hope in the battle to beat Alzheimer’s

Experts Re: Cognition Health in London are you boosting production unidentified drug, which is expected to slow down the disease by keeping cells alive and healthy brain.

existing drugs can only mask the symptoms and help dying brain cells work better, while the situation is still progressing.

it is expected that the drug may also prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A spokesman Re: Cognition Health explained. “When administered before symptoms develop individuals proved to be at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, the drug is designed to delay the onset of symptoms

“If symptoms of mild cognitive impairment have begun, the drug is designed to slow the progression of symptoms.”

its function is to reduce the production of amyloid protein, . obstructs the brain or cleaning existing accumulations of it

spokesman added: “Since age is the biggest risk factor for developing dementia, may mean that those diagnosed in his later years, you can never experience dementia. “Re :. Cognition Health is conducting international clinical trials final phase”

He said the drug could change the future of patients. In the UK, a person is diagnosed with dementia every three minutes, with the condition that costs the economy about £ 23billion each year. It is the only cause of death that is still increasing.

One of the leading authorities of Alzheimer Baroness Susan Greenfield ordered a complete new approach in the search for a cure.

said many research activities “barking up the wrong tree” and “has produced no effective drug.”

she NeuroBio said his company is focusing on the development of the disease in the brain stem in the decades before extending to the outer area of ​​the brain to stop degeneration.

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