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New Alzheimer’s Test Delivers Results In Just 3 Hours At 30% Of The Cost

Researchers have developed a bio-chip test will reduce drastically the time and cost of diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s. Current tests for Alzheimer’s disease based on DNA testing, which is expensive and takes several days. These DNA tests to determine the presence of certain mutant genes that increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease a person. This new bio-chip test essentially acts as a “ lab on a chip ” to analyze a blood sample for these mutant genes.


How this biochip Blood disease changes the way Alzheimer’s is tested

  • The most common test Alzheimer gene is for APOE4 gene mutation as people with this mutation are 12 times more likely to develop dementia in their life expectancy. These tests are long and a person can expect to wait several days or even weeks for their test results. However, the blood Alzheimer biochip provides results in just 3 hours.

  • There are few companies that provide genetic testing services directly to consumers and the price of these tests are generally in the range of 100-200 USD. Moreover, Randox, the biotechnology company who created this test for Alzheimer’s disease, said his blood biochip would cost only about 30 USD .

  • The test is 100% accurate meaning that there is no possibility of a false positive or a false negative result. Accuracy reviews showed that this test is as accurate as tests of molecular DNA analysis.

  • The biochip method can be used to test a single sample for several conditions at the same time. In addition to diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, biochip test can also detect the risk of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and breast cancer .

“test is a real breakthrough in the field of Alzheimer’s research.” – Dr. Maria Zellner, Medical University of Vienna

Dr. Maria Zellner, the Institute which confirmed the accuracy of the test biochip, said, “The test is a real breakthrough in the area of ​​research of Alzheimer’s disease. ” early Alzheimer’s diagnosis is very important because it improves disease management and is also essential for the development of new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease.

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There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, although there are some medications that can help to reduce symptoms. There are several Alzheimer’s drugs that are currently undergoing clinical trials, but they will only market in the next decade or so. People with a family history of dementia will have to go for regular checkups so that the disease can be detected at startup. They should also eat healthy Exercise frequent practice meditation or yoga , and perform tasks such as puzzles to keep their acute mental faculties

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August 17, 2016

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