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Netizen Made A Mathematical Calculation Showing AlDub Destined To Be the New 'Guy And Pip'

We We all know for a fact that the rise of the AlDub to fame will continue for only God knows when, if their fans do not stop supporting them. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are still pursuing their goals and dreams over 4 months in the industry, but its popularity was already phenomenal. With this, fans began to compare AlDub other famous loveteams in the country’s history. But the most significant thing for them was when they were told that they are the individual and pipe the new millennium. Fans argued that the effects of the two teams of love ‘in the public have striking similarities. Therefore, when Eat Bulaga! had the “Gaya Pa More” segment on his show, viewers become eager to see who will replace Alden and Maine. When the final came on Nov. 7, both the expectation of everyone, both impersonated superstar Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III – when the two were still a pair.

His performance was too good to be true, was probably the reason for a web surfer inspired derived from a simple mathematical equation that shows how to have a written in his destiny the two pairs connection. with some addition and subtraction using the numbers on the individual date and the pipe met which was the October 6, 1967, the mathematician was able to reach 16. numbers 7 and then is interpreted as July 16, the date of the first meeting of Aldub. Cazy as it may sound but if Alden and Maine share the same faith with peers 70s, you probably will end up with a different partner in life, like what happened to Guy and Pip.
(Source: TheDailyPedia )

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