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Natural Ways To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home

5 Natural Ways To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home

Fleas in your kitchen or living room no they are only annoying, but also very hygienic. The most frustrating part is that even if you keep your house clean and tidy, keep visiting. They also grow easily in number with very little time. Different chemicals are available on the market to get rid of fleas.

But it is actually very difficult to use these products if you have small children or pets at home. Therefore, the best way is to find some natural alternatives that are safe and chemical free. We bring here some of the natural ways to control these unwanted guests in your home. Read on to learn tips with simple ingredients that are easily found in your kitchen.


You can use salt to remove fleas from your home. It is easily found in your kitchen and is safe to use. Just sprinkle salt as Epsom salt, table salt, kosher salt or floor and under furniture that are the breeding ground for fleas. Then vacuum the floor and furniture.

Salt has dehydration effect on flea eggs that control their proliferation. The rapid effect will surprise you. You can also pantyhose rock salt and keep it under furniture to prolong affected.

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Salt to keep fleas our of home

maintain hygiene

Cleaning is the best you can do to stay away from fleas or other microorganisms. The kitchen and bathroom are the place of cultivation of microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye.

Therefore, wash everything at home, including rugs, carpets, pet kennels. The breading cycle of a flea is 3 days. Therefore, make sure your cleaning your house every three days.

Maintain Hygiene To Keep Fleas Out Home

Clean and comb your pet

After applying the two previous solution cycle flea reproduction will be interrupted and the number of fleas in your home will be reduced by half. Now fleas that remain are for you or your pet. So comb your pet with a flea comb.

This special fine-toothed comb flea have to catch fleas in stingers. Once you brush your pet with flea draft, soak it in water with soap to remove them. Bring your pet center pet grooming is also a wonderful idea to get rid of fleas.

Clean Your Pet To Keep Fleas Out Your Home

Use Herbs

The use of repellents herbs is another excellent idea to control fleas in your home. They are natural, safe and non-toxic to living things. Herbs that have strong smell like eucalyptus, lavender, clove, citus, mint and citronella works brilliantly to control fleas.

You can put dried herbs in different places. The strong smell of herbs acts as a repellent. You can even add a few drops of lavender oil along with salt before vacuuming.

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Use Herbs To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home

Feed cookies Yeast Brewer Your Pet

Interestingly, vitamin B cookies brewer’s yeast make your pet’s skin as a repellent smell.

Feed Pet Yeast Biscuits To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home

This is a good way to stay away from fleas. pet skin is one of the favorite places for fleas reproduction. If not reproduced, there will be no more fleas in the home.

Way to keep out fleas out of home

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