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Natural Ways to Fight Drug Resistant Head Lice

Natural Ways to Fight Drug Resistant Head Lice

Reports have surfaced recently about an outbreak of lice resistant to drugs in half of the US states. The timing of this outbreak coincides with classes start in many places, so experts predict that lice can spread quickly and be very difficult to combat.

drug-resistant head lice?

These new mutated strains of lice are supposedly resistant to treatments that are frequently used, including all popular brands of lice shampoos and removers.

A 2014 study found that more than 99% of lice that were tested had a mutation that allowed them to survive the treatments with permethrin insecticides and pyrethrins, the most common treatments used.

is almost saturated with (these genes), which means that people using permethrin and pyrethrin-based products will likely have a hard time controlling head lice, “said Yoon Kyong Sup, associate professor of biological sciences and environmental sciences at the University of Southern Illinois, who led the research for the current study and the study of 2014. ( source )

teacher is important noted that there is still no real outbreak in many places, researchers are just predicting a bad outbreak in the coming months. I personally do not think this is a matter of tremendous concern yet, but it is very useful to be prepared to take some steps to prevent the spread of lice in the first place.

regular treatment is not effective

Interestingly, common treatments were not as effective, to begin with, and most recent, strong insecticides can not be able to combat these new drug resistant lice either. Even worse, These insecticides also contain neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors that can have a lasting negative effect on children, especially when used more than once over time.

Just as certain strains of bacteria have mutated to be able to survive treatment with common antibiotics, these lice have developed mutations that allow them to survive the common treatments. Not only sprayed insecticide treatments our children in potentially dangerous endocrine disruptors and brain chemicals that affect, are not effective even more!

Newer treatments use stronger strains of insecticides that lice are not yet resistant, but can cost more than $ 100 and often need a prescription.

What should a parent do?

As a parent, the mere idea of ​​head lice sends shivers down my spine. With six children, lice could spread very quickly in our house and will be very difficult to get rid of it.

Actually we are facing this problem a couple of years ago, and after some research, did not feel comfortable with conventional treatments with insecticides, especially because our children are still so little.

have tried several of the natural remedies and methods of suffocation recommended online, but none seemed to really stop the problem, especially for a daughter who had hair too thick to comb completely and it was perfect to hide lice.

Within a week, we had completely eradicated lice our children and also found a lot of natural remedies for lice that did not work (and a few that worked brilliantly .)

beauty of these treatments is acting on lice fitness through dehydration or other methods and do not depend on many insecticides lice are resistant anyway.

had not planned on sharing these remedies (and hope our family will never need them again), but with the news of this potential next outbreak, wanted other mothers to have the peace of mind of being prepared with remedies that really work. I have also included a list of things that we used to prevent further outbreaks since our initial, even at times when I know that my children were exposed to children with lice .

natural ways to fight drug-resistant lice

The study found that drug resistant lice were resistant to insecticides. I was not comfortable with the use of insecticides anyway, so I found methods and tested in our children did not rely on them first. I read the full text of the study and confirmed that these natural remedies (which worked through dehydration and physical media) continue to operate in these new mutated forms of lice.

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The other advantage of these natural remedies is that I did not have to comb the hair of my children at all, because treatment is not based on the removal of lice and nits.

for our children, they shaved their heads, as it was warm weather anyway, but our three girls have a big challenge :. three heads of thick wavy hair and ranging from just above shoulder length almost waist

Our girls are also the most tender children with head I’ve ever met, so Nit-picking would be a option difficult or impossible for us, although it has been found to be effective in removing lice when used consistently. I also found in the investigation that lice do not lay eggs for at least ten days after hatching, so while some form of effective remedy is used naturally lice every 6-7 days for about lifecycles, hair is not nitpicking . necessary

These are the methods that worked for us, in order of effectiveness:

Saline Based lice spray

The most effective remedy that we used did not require more chemicals or use a lice comb was saline spray based homeopathic lice . The salt spray based dehydrates and kills lice and nits in touch, but is not harmful to a child. Although it contains an additional odor normally would avoid, this option is much, much more natural than other options and eliminated both headache lice removal process that I was willing to use even with the fragrance.

This spray was so easy to use too. I just sprayed on the hair before bedtime, let me stay on overnight, and washed my hair in the morning. Do not bite, which did not have a horrible smell like herbal remedies insecticides and (surprisingly) also left much body hair for about a week (probably due to salt, I use in my own waves spray volume ).

This spray also comes with a lice comb, which I used as much as I could once in the hair of every child, but even without consistent hairstyle, our lice were gone in a week without the need any insecticide. If ever faced another outbreak expected to experiment with aerosols based salt made at home to see if they could be equally effective, but we do not have (thankfully!) Had that opportunity, I just follow this spray on hand if needed .

The other advantage of this spray is that it can be used after exposure to other children with lice, so if I know my kids have been exposed to spray your hair at night and let them sleep with spray to prevent an outbreak.

neem shampoo

to 2012 study found that neem oil was also effective in killing lice when used externally in a shampoo. Since salt aerosol based lice needed to be washed every morning, I used a solution based on neem shampoo to ensure that no lice had survived the treatment. ( I used this brand and I really liked )

This shampoo is drying up, so I went with a natural conditioner in girls so your hair will not it would be too dry or tangled brush. I realized that I could also use the lice comb your hair while wet and had conditioner in it, so this was the closest we got to comb your hair completely.

continue to use this shampoo until we knew the places that had been exposed to lice had completely eliminated the problem, and now add few drops of neem oil his usual to help prevent any future outbreak shampoo.

important note : neem oil should never be used internally, especially women, children or anyone without urgent medical control. You can have negative effects if used internally, but generally are considered safe for external use. Consult a physician before using this or any product if you are pregnant or children.

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diatomaceous earth

Also these treatments alternated with the use of diatomaceous earth (DE). He used the above for fleas and other pests and found some evidence that could help kill lice too. Small particles of microscopic sides have sharp scraping the exoskeleton of lice and lead to dehydration. This is another chemical-free way to help kill head lice and other pests.

DE can cause irritation if inhaled, so it is important to implement in a way that does not generate dust your child could inhale. I did this by covering her face with a mask and a towel (and doing this very well), and then carefully spray all over the scalp. I applied a shower cap and let them watch a movie while the DE did his job before washing out.

also I used in the treatment of our house to prevent future outbreaks (see below for the steps I took).

Other important measures to fight a lice infestation

Since lice can survive for a short time in bed, clothes or on the carpet, it is also important to treat the home for lice also. These are the steps we took that prevented another infestation:

  1. I started spray and saturate every hair of children with lice salt spray and let dry. This was in the afternoon, so he left the spray at night while sleeping.
  2. So I approached the house. I started by stripping all the beds, pillows and removing all the clothes had worn for the last 72 hours from their rooms. I washed all of them in hot water and the hot cycle of the dryer is used. Even just 20 minutes in the hottest setting a dryer is supposed to kill the lice living in clothing or bedding. I also met with pillows and stuffed animals through the dryer for 20 minutes. All kinds of stuffed animals, cloth toys, or furniture that was too big to be washed placed in a black garbage bag and put in the attic (it was hot this time of year) for 2 weeks. This could have been an exaggeration, but I was not taking chances.
  3. sprayed me diatomaceous earth in all carpets, let sit for 15 minutes vacuuming all … twice.
  4. Then I took all hairbrushes / combs and ran through the sanitizing cycle in the dishwasher. Hairbows, headbands and other hair accessories were placed in airtight bags for several weeks.
  5. I also parked the family car in the hot sun for several hours to kill any lice that survives in the car.

prevent future infestations of head lice

we have not had any lice infestations from that initial moment, despite the exhibition several times. To avoid a new outbreak, which I used the spray licefree on our children know that every time we have been potentially exposed. We also use neem shampoo once a month or so, especially at this time of year, just to be sure.

relax, it is not the end of the world …

If your child comes home with head lice at any point, do not panic! I know it can be embarrassing, frustrating and exhausting to deal with head lice, but the lice are not life threatening or dangerous, just annoying.

Even with these mutated resistant lice medications, there are natural options that work and these options work better than conventional options based harmful insecticides.

I personally maintain the natural options in hand so I’m ready if we ever have another outbreak, and while I hope you never need it, it gives me peace of mind to be prepared and have a plan before weather. What did that work?

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