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Natural Way to Treat Keloid Scar

What is keloid? Then, simply it replies that “keloid” is the scar that is enlarged due to abnormal growth of skin fibers. It is formed from keloids occasionally. Then the keloid scar will expand. Cierva keloid usually does not cause pain. However, sometimes it can cause itchy skin. Of course you can make you feel comfortable.
Actually keloid does not cause the same health problem. However, many people do not like to have an enlarged scar. Some people choose to make injection surgery or laser treatment as a way to remove the enlarged, keloid scar.
The question, then, is that the only way? Is there a way to cure keloid treatments without surgery, injections or laser? Of course there is another way you can do to treat keloids. It is natural therapy for keloid scar . This way to remove the keloid scar is very natural. In other words, it is very safe, and of course it is very cheap. You can do it this way at home.
Aloe Vera
It is very good to treat kelod scar. It can help reduce inflammation, and can keep the skin moisture. In addition, you can heal damaged skin and can prevent skin infection. It is easy to use aloe vera for keloid scar nipple. There are only two steps. First, you should clean the scar with hot water.
Second, aloe vera gel is used to the scar twice a day. The best time is morning and evening before bedtime. Therefore, you can be used as a natural aloe vera treatment to keloid scars . Besides, that way is very easy, and, of course, is very cheap.
Natural Way to Treat Keloid Scar

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honey can moisturize the skin so that it can be used as a treatment for keloid. The way to use honey for treatment of keloids is very easy. First, apply fresh honey scar.
Second, gently massage to the scar area to improve blood circulation and to prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells. For best results, you can use the grindstone that is made by bees from the nectar of Tualang tree. This special honey can reduce the growth in the number of cells in keloid.
Lemon Juice
He is known as fresh and pleasant drink. However, it can be used as a way to treat keloid scars naturally. Containing? Lemon juice contains high antioxidant and vitamin C. Both are very useful in the treatment of keloids power.
Moreover, both can treat various types of wounds. Only a few weeks after using lemon juice, you can see the significant increase in the color, appearance, and flexibility of the keloid scar.
Using lemon juice to treat keloids? Too easy. First, you have to squeeze some fresh lemon juice.
Second, it applies to the area of ​​the scar. Let stand for about two hours. Third, the area of ​​the scar with hot water washing. Making these processes at least twice a day.

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