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Natural Treatment Of Vertigo

Vertigo is a disease that affects an equilibrium system. If you ever experience balance disorders, such as sudden dizziness and feels like turning the head, which are signs of vertigo symptoms. The cause of vertigo is disorders of the nervous system and the vestibular labyrinth. If you are affected by the disorder vertigo you must first know the cause, then do natural treatment of vertigo that is safe and without side effects. This article helps those who suffer from vertigo to perform its natural healing. Read carefully.
Do not ignore the mangosteen rind and soursop leaves around. It is true that the ugly mangosteen shell is very useful in the world of herbal medicine. This time, we will make a potent repellent herbal concoction vertigo using mangosteen peel.
As we know that the skin of the mangosteen contains antioxidants, vitamins B1, B2 and C and rich in calcium, sodium, potassium and iron that can prevent damage to cells body due to attacks by free radicals. mangosteen peel is believed to prevent disease that damages the nervous system by protecting the protein your body is absorbed, cells and tissues and organs of the body.
Natural Treatment Of Vertigo

How to make herbal potion for vertigo? Extremely easy. Then wash the skin of the mangosteen. Do not allow dirt or soil and sap attached. Cut into small evenly shell mangosteen. Boil the pieces of skin with warm water. This is an easy way to process mangosteen peel. Once cooked, serve in glasses with taste. In order to improve the sweet and delicious taste of drinks that you can add a few drops of honey in it.
The second is the potion soursop leaf. guanĂ¡bana leaves have a content such as acetogenins, fat, phosphorus, fructose, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B compounds and calcium acetogenins believed to lower blood pressure, stress and depression. This substance can also balance the nervous system that are less good. Well, it can be used as a “natural medicine for vertigo” to make a drink.
Prepare the leaves of the soursop: 10-15 pieces and is equivalent to three glasses of water (600 cc). 10-15 soursop leaves boiled with 600 cc of water, use low heat until the remaining 200 cc water (one glass left size). After cooling, filtering water soursop leaf decoction. Water the water obat.air this herb potion for a drink filtered. For treatment, drink the potion three times a day until it is completely free of agonizing pain vertigo ..
natural medicine for vertigo
Canela as Vertigo best treatment. The steps for natural vertigo treatment using cinnamon is quite easy. First, prepare 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 red segment ginger, 1 piece crushed nutmeg, 5 seeds of clove and 1 tablespoon fennel seeds. Put all ingredients in the pot and pour three cups of water. Cover and simmer about 10 minutes until boiling. Strain and drink while still hot.
Consuming this herb regularly twice a day in order to feel better. Going through natural remedies vertigo had to be patient and time consuming. The result will be felt if diligently to take the herbal potion, drink regularly, and was cured of vertigo. Good luck!

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