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Natural Tinted Face Lotion Recipe

Why bother? Because it bothers me that so many women have bought into the hype cosmetics industry that all they need to “improve” their appearance, when healthy skin looks much better than paint any day.

My red hair, milky white complexion sister finally cleared -skinned severe acne when you stop hitting convinced cosmetics on her scars. Only several weeks of cleaning and moisturizing with natural products diminish your acne scars that practically no longer exists, and it looks great.

I used a challenge for women soldiers under my command who thought they could not survive harsh field conditions without paint their faces. First, they do not understand that their cosmetics attract insects, and odors could be tracked by good scouts (or military dogs). Second, water and sleep are precious objects in the field; You lose either a cosmetic regime and soon had soldiers unfit. Third, no one in the field looks good and nobody cares – get the mission accomplished is the goal – Why were trying to be “attractive” out there? So the challenge was to take the field nothing more than natural unscented products. After three weeks, all women who followed the program has improved the skin. A good number of them decided to strip all the colors of the face after this and does not appear to adversely affect their social life.

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My skin is no more perfect than any other person using natural products. The difference is that I am comfortable with the natural colors of the face and do not add any coloring of these products.

What I can use? It depends on the weather, frankly

Cleaning :. Olive oil or coconut oil as a cleaning agent, sodium as an exfoliant bicarbonate (also clean sink or the shower at the same time)
Facial: honey / ground / fresh lemon juice


Moisture: pure coconut oil or shea butter. If the additions seem necessary, usually is oil tea tree (Melaleuca alternafolia) and / or an appropriate essential oil (s) to the station

Sunscreen: Great big hat and sunglasses ( mandatory if you live in Texas brimmed). If a sunscreen is called absolutely it has to be unscented and frankly, they have not settled on anything in all these years that consistently does the trick. Open to suggestions.

Burns, abrasions, superficial cuts, etc. Honey. Once I started to just use honey, I realized acid burn on the left cheek from high school was no longer visible markedly. Many years later and it is not visible at all.

Being allergic unpleasant for all adhesives except surgical glue, which often have to deal with rashes after a visit to the cardiologist. For relief of the eruption, depending on the severity:
Coconut oil and wet, cold compresses
Olive oil and honey and wet, cold compresses
Honey and pollen bee powder mixed into a paste
tomato puree, lemon juice and cayenne pepper mixed into a paste
Any of the above with Benadryl and maybe prednisone if it is very, very bad (as I’m trying now ) and wet, cold compresses
Frankly, wet cold compresses are key. Most compresses recommended 3-4 times a day. I go for as many as possible, because they work wonders to relieve discomfort.

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These are readily available on the Internet today.

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