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Natural Syrup For Treating Anemia

Do you feel tired and exhausted with his body? Is the breath is lost and regularly feel sleepy and tired?

These symptoms usually requires a signal that the level of iron in the blood is low, or are anemic. The low number of red blood cells decreases insusceptibility also accumulated fatigue of his body.

Anemia is taken regularly about blood loss endless overwhelming menstrual flow, rapid development among youth and adolescence, and because eating routine out of place and is difficult to prepare well.

Anemia is an important factor in today’s world edge problem, we propose to set up a natural and simple syrup to get him back so in a short space of time.

For the planning of this syrup ingredients accompanying needed:

2.2 pounds of carrots
2.2 pounds of apples
2.2 pounds of beet
4 lemons
8.8 oz. Honey


shred all the vital ingredients and include honey. Let the mixture overnight or for 24 hours, strain through a clean cloth and keep it in a glass support. Keep syrup in your refrigerator. Drinking your daily dose of this solid syrup using a small container to quantify the same amount for every day.

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