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Natural Remedies to Combat Addiction


Humans have faced addiction for centuries, with written descriptions of addiction data already in the 17th century as the implications and negative consequences of addiction became clearer, treatments have been developed to help addicts regain control of their lives. Historically, these treatments have included natural resources and medical interventions which sometimes include synthetic medication as part of treatment. As founder of Recovery Serenity , by Wickstrom knows the dangers of addiction treatment with addictive drugs, so always opt for natural remedies.

As has developed a list of favorite natural remedies that he uses in his treatment facilities and has experienced very successful treatment of addiction. These are just some of the many treatments used, but there is viable addiction treatments that do not include highly addictive drugs.


Meditation and guided imagery are completely natural and non-invasive. If you think yourself into a new reality ‘, through meditation and positive to see himself as drug-free claims then your vision becomes reality. Serenity Recovery offers some successful techniques that use meditation and visualization.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest and natural remedies available to us. The Chinese, who developed centuries acupuncture points found in the body that stimulate the nerves that can reduce anxiety and other negative symptoms of withdrawal. In the East, where it is widely practiced, practitioners of acupuncture have successfully treated opium addiction for many years without the help of medication withdrawal as methadone and suboxone.

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Yoga and deep breathing techniques

The slow and methodical yoga exercises have been successfully used to treat addiction for centuries. Yoga practitioners can learn to focus their thoughts and many biological functions through choreographed movements to balance the various centers of the chakras within the body. The balance of the seven chakras is vital for emotional, physical and spiritual welfare of the individual, so that yoga focuses on the center that needs to be adjusted to bring the person back into balance.

herbal remedies

There are over 100 herbs that are currently used to combat addiction and to accelerate the process of withdrawal or easier. These herbs can be used individually, I brewed into tea, cooked in combination in food, or simply in salads. It can also be ground down into a fine powder and put into gelatin capsules to take orally without the need to “taste” any herbs that could be bitter or spicy. From chamomile tea valerian root, there are a variety of herbal remedies available to help alleviate the severity of withdrawal symptoms, which makes unnecessary synthetic drugs.

By Wickstrom does advise people with active always to seek medical help before starting treatment addictions. There are many factors involved in addiction and it is imperative that any treatment will be supervised by a qualified medical professional.

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The sudden cessation of an addictive drug can send the body into convulsions and tremors that can be life threatening. That is why all addicts should be examined by a doctor before starting any ‘treatment.’

Having received medical clearance to begin detoxification and recovery personnel Per a treatment program of natural resources that are safe for the addict in their current physical state of health will start.

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