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Natural Remedies for Bad Breath and Halitosis

brushing and flossing

flossing These are the best ways to improve your oral health and the guarantee of a great dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing every day, especially at night, it could be really effective in reducing the bacteria responsible for bad odor in the mouth.

Flossing helps remove food debris stuck between the teeth and helps prevent halitosis ie bacterial growth. If halitosis persists after using regular dental floss, try to consult your dentist.

Keep hydrated

Oral Health accumulation of bacteria or halitosis may be the result of dry mouth. Saliva production in the mouth controls the growth of bad bacteria that can cause bad breath. The slowdown in the production of saliva encourages these bad bacteria to make your breath smell.

To relieve dry mouth, try to keep hydrated often, especially when you wake up and during and after exercise as these tend to cause dry mouth. tricks to stay hydrated .

tongue cleaning

Tongue cleaning Most of us forget clean our tongue during brushing. Language can be a breeding ground for bacteria responsible for bad odor. After brushing your teeth, make sure to either use the toothbrush to brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper.

This will not only help get rid of bad breath but promote oral hygiene. His health language can reveal a lot about your oral health, so be sure not to overlook that while brushing your teeth.


Watch what you eat

What you eat

There are several foods that may cause bad breath . Avoiding these foods may help alleviate bad breath. Avoid foods that are either too acid or high sugar, especially fructose, since both encourage the production of bad bacteria that cause bad breath.

Try apple or yogurt to help curb bad breath. Apple fiber stimulates saliva production, which in turn eliminates bad breath and active yogurt cultures to reduce bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for bad mouth odor.

Eat fennel or nail

Top 10 health benefits of fennel seeds fennel and cloves have been used in traditional medicine to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria responsible for bad breath . Due to its antiseptic properties help limit bacterial growth.

Essential oils preset in cinnamon also help in the treatment of bad breath. Try chewing on fennel or teeth after meals to prevent bad breath.

The use of mouthwash

Mouth wash

Mouthwashes help in eliminating unpleasant odor and bad mouth temporarily. Mouthwashes that do not provide remedy to eliminate bad breath, but also fights plaque and helps prevent bacterial growth.

Try nonalcoholic mouth so it is at home. Drink a glass of water, a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of mint.

chewy crust fruit

fruit rind

Rinse a lemon or orange peel before popping in your mouth to chew on it. Not only will it give you a burst of freshness, but also help in promoting the glands to produce more saliva. Here are other top 10 reasons to use lemons.

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