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Natural Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner (That Works!)

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

There was a time I was a single college student on a one-site the bedroom and not much need to keep it clean. Fast forward a few years and was married to an amazing guy (but super clean and tidy) and had a couple of kids who were not so clean and tidy! I needed an all-purpose cleaner that worked stat!

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a natural way to clean

As a mother, soon learned that child is a synonym for “manufacturer-of-ground-and-disorder-while-be-quite-lovely” and was surprised at the trouble of my young children could do.

I also realized that children put everything in their mouth, so I started looking for options natural cleaning that could cope with the trouble child, but accidentally poison themselves if (when) licked the floor or counter.

Boy noise with dirt on it

I learned about all the chemicals that are found in most household cleaning products and commercial realized I could make healthier at home. One of the most difficult to create was a cleaner home use, but I finally found one that works well (and my children have proved difficult!). In fact, I have calculated that in recent years, have saved over $ 200 doing this for myself

Why make your own natural cleanser

Short answer:?

It literally takes 30 seconds and saves money and works best

long answer:

This all-purpose cleaner is so simple make first two young children are now older children can make and use this cleaner on your own! And younger siblings have happily filled the shoes of child mess decisions for them.

In addition, it is free of the most toxic chemicals found in many cleaning products and completely customizable to your liking. In addition, through Sunday, you can get all the ingredients free! ( Click here to find out how !)

Important note: There is some debate about borax and is safe for use in household cleaning products or not . Personally, I think it is safe to use and much safer than most cleaning products, but This article has a good distribution of information and my thoughts on it . Would not you agree? Just leave it out.

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Ingredients Purpose Cleaner

Instructions Purpose Cleaner of

  1. Place borax, washing soda and soap in a spray bottle (preferably glass ).
  2. Add 2 cups of warm water. Distilled is better, but the water that has been boiled work. Bottle cover and shake well. The use as needed. I use as a toilet cleaner, pre-treater floor, kitchen cleaner and disinfect toys

All-Purpose Cleaner FAQs :.

Concerned about the chemistry of making your own cleaning products? Do you want to make a change? These are the most frequently asked questions about my cleaner home use:

washing soda is the same as baking soda

No, they are similar, but with some important differences ?. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and carbonate of soda is just sodium carbonate. Washing soda is stronger and more effective in this recipe (but still non-toxic). I do not have it? Make your own with sodium bicarbonate using this tutorial .

Is this a disinfectant?

Technically not, but most trouble at home do not need a disinfectant and using too many disinfectants can cause problems too. I would not use this in trouble related to food, especially raw meat, but it works very well for other hard household surfaces such as countertops, floors and cabinets. Essential oils have mild disinfectant properties in some studies, but I personally would stick to hydrogen peroxide or food grade alcohol and soap / water to disinfect mess of raw meat.

Why no vinegar in this recipe?

Vinegar is not actually roundhouse cleaning to be done. It has its uses and brilliant moments, such as window cleaning, but is not an effective degreaser or disinfectant. In addition, vinegar and soda (acid and base) cancel each other and all this recipe would be less effective if vinegar is added. You want to use vinegar in the natural cleansing? Keep your lemon peel and fresh orange, pour white vinegar over them and leave for a couple of weeks. This makes a great citrus-infused vinegar to clean windows and smoother surfaces.

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Vinegar is also un-saponified soap in this recipe, leaving a fibrous consistency unpleasant. Use vinegar if you want, just do not use in this recipe!

Is it dangerous borax?

There is much debate about this. told me about my opinion here , but overall I feel safe use in non-food areas. If you are not comfortable using it, just omit or use witch hazel or food-grade alcohol instead.

does this really work?

Yes. Works very well. But do not take my word for it … Anne reader commented:

Ok, I’m a little slow, just found this. Good news – the dirt on the bathroom floor cleaner than any other in the world could get rid of (I have tried at least a dozen in recent years) it is now gone. I sprayed it, let it soak about 5 minutes and dried with a microfiber cloth. It surprises me! Thank you for this!

The best place to get the ingredients?

Like I said, I get all the supplies for this recipe and the glass bottle to be from Collaborative Grove. Use this link and you can get the bottle, a microfiber cloth and essential oil for free this week!

I do not like lemon oil / lavender / orange. Can I use a different one?

No way. Just kidding!

Use any flavor you like in this recipe. Mint is also adorable and geranium has a mild insect-repelling property if flies in the kitchen. You can even skip entirely oils unscented version.

How long is this?

personally I have not had the latter more than 3 months because I use it in less time than that. personally I can for his lifetime of at least three months though.

does this need to be stored in the Copa?

personally always prefer glass. If you use essential oils of citrus, it is important to store in glass, because you can break a plastic bottle over time, but the glass is always a good idea!

DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Do you make any DIY cleaning? Share your favorite below!

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