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Natural Home Remedy for Premature Grey Hair

Everyone has the time when the first patch of gray hair. Some people have no problem with this gray hair, but for some people is a sign of aging. There was a time when gray hair was directly related to age and is treated as a sign of aging, usually. Today the picture is different. There are cases where white or gray hair seen in teen age.

The reason behind this is the pigment called melanin white hair. Melanin is responsible for giving our hair the color has naturally. Our hair follicles generate this pigment. The higher the content of melanin your hair follicles produce the darker your hair will be. And similarly, if less melanin content then generates your hair color will be light or in other words will become gray or white. When generating melanin content decreases below early age, hair becomes lighter in color or you can say you have white hair at an early age. These hairs are called premature gray hair. This is a home remedy to cure this wonderful premature gray hair.

natural remedy for premature home of gray hair

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