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Natural Hangover Remedies: Helpful or Not?


In search of the best remedies for hangover seems to be a secular challenge many of us have faced at once (or twice).

Of course, the best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol or drink in moderation. But if you end up excess consumption of alcohol, the only sure way to get rid of a hangover it is to wait it out.

Hangover Remedies

Try these tactics to reduce hangover symptoms

  • Increase intake of fructose, a sugar shown to help the body burn faster alcohol. Fructose is found naturally in honey, apples, pears, bananas, pineapples, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and a number of other fruits and vegetables.
  • replenish their sodium and potassium depleted by drinking soup broth.
  • drink plenty of water.
  • Rest and / or back to sleep.

Remedies for hangovers

There is no proven natural remedies to get rid of a hangover altogether. However, some natural remedies are suggested by advocates of alternative to help ease the symptoms of hangover medicine. Here’s a look at the science behind several substances often touted as remedies for natural hangover:

1) The nopal

Prickly pear cactus extract may have a moderate effect on reducing hangover symptoms, according to a 2004 study published in Archives of Internal Medicine . For the study, 64 healthy volunteers were randomized to receive 1,600 IU of prickly pear extract or a placebo five hours before consuming alcohol. Two weeks later, the experiment with prickly pear extract and placebo was repeated reversed.

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Among the 55 volunteers who completed both experiments, researchers found that nausea and dry mouth were significantly reduced by the prickly pear extract.

In addition, the prickly pear extract appeared to reduce inflammation (a biological process thought to contribute to many hangover symptoms such as memory problems and decreased appetite).

2) Artichoke

To a 2003 study of Canadian Medical Association Journal , researchers assigned 15 healthy adults to take either placebo capsules or artichoke supplements before and after consuming alcohol.

The results showed that artichoke extract was not effective in preventing hangover symptoms.

3) The concerns of kudzu

In a 2007 report published in the journal Alcohol , scientists say that the root of kudzu is “an inappropriate grass use hangover remedies herbal. ” Assessing available on the effectiveness of kudzu as a hangover treatment research, the report’s authors found that the use of kudzu at the time of heavy alcohol consumption may increase the toxic effects of alcohol.

hangover Pain

Some proponents of herbal medicine suggest that certain herbs can help relieve the pain associated with a hangover. However, although research indicates that herbs like white willow bark and ginger may offer benefits for pain relief, scientists still have to test the effects of these herbs in the pain associated with a hangover.

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When standard medication used for pain relief surf, be sure to avoid any product containing acetaminophen (such as Tylenol). The National Institutes of Health warns that the combination of acetaminophen with alcohol can damage the liver.

The use of natural remedies for hangovers

To reduce the chances of suffering a hangover, try the following strategies when using alcohol

  • Drink slowly, in moderation, and with a full stomach.
  • drink a glass of water between each drink alcohol.
  • Adhere to a type of alcohol.
  • Choose drinks (such as vodka and gin) made less congeners (additives are thought to increase the risk of hangover).

Despite prickly pear cactus shows promise as a treatment for some symptoms of hangover, more research is needed before any natural remedy can be recommended for relieving hangovers. It is also important to note that standard care self-treatment of a condition and prevent or delay can have serious consequences. If you are considering the use of alternative medicine for health purposes, be sure to consult your doctor first.

Source: www.verywell.com

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