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Natural Hair Loss Remedies

What is up there?

Occasionally, I wake up screaming in the middle of the night, leaving a terrifying dream where my hair had all fallen. You see, I come from a family with hair loss, but fortunately I am provided with a head full of hair – for now! Who knows, baldness may start in the coming years, something I’m not looking forward to. Interestingly:

  • Up to 40% of men will notice their receding hair by the time they reach 35 years of age.
  • Genetics is responsible for hair loss in one in five cases.
  • Both the loss of female pattern hair and male pattern baldness are the most common causes of hair loss.
  • In the US , there are 35 million men and 21 million women suffering from hair loss.

Did you know that:

The average person loses about 50 to 100 hairs a day. It is only when the scalp can not regrow hair or when the hair grows back thinner than hair loss becomes a real problem.

Therefore, hair loss it is a problem that will have to deal with, along with millions of other men and women around me. What can we do to prevent hair retracts?

Remedies natural hair loss

Apart from all the changes in diet, lifestyle and exercise that can be found on the Internet, there are some natural remedies loss of interesting hair you can want to try …

algae extract

The seaweed extract contains a lot of amino acids (protein for stimulate hair growth), and they will infuse your scalp and hair with antioxidants to counteract any damage caused by heat, bacteria and pollutants in the air.

The nutrients will give your hair a natural shine and luster, and can protect the scalp and hair from further damage.

channelized Wrack

Few people have heard of pelvetia abstract, but comes from a common brown seaweed found along the European coast. It helps stop testosterone causes hair loss, stimulates natural growth, and even helps make hair grow thicker and stronger!

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Aloe Vera

Not only is this wonderful plant has healing capabilities, which can get rid of anything that balance is lost pH of your hair. moisture in the hair will lock and protect these delicate strands from being damaged by the sun. It is loaded with antioxidants, and is one of the best things that used to keep hair and skin healthy!

He Shou Wu

This Chinese herb is a resource that has existed since the early days of the Chinese empires, and taken to stimulate new hair growth.

This will help improve the health of your scalp, as it promotes good circulation through your body. The herb stimulates the liver and kidneys work better, and you will find it very effective!


Take He Shou Wu to prevent graying hair, as many Chinese do.

The grass keeps the nutrients it comes to hair, which will keep the pigment producing cells alive and working well!


foxglove Chinese is the common name of this plant, which is used by naturalists and herbalists in China to treat baldness. It can also be used for a number of other problems such as hormonal imbalances and impotence.

Reishi mushroom

is believed

The fungus Ganoderma Lucidem to slow the aging process, prevent scalp recovery of territory belonging to her hair, encourage your hair to grow back and blocking the enzyme that causes DHT – the hormone responsible for baldness – to be produced.

Dong Quai

The Chinese did well with all herbs and roots, and Dong Quai is one of the excellent remedies hair loss.

Also known as Chinese Angelica, this herb his baldness stops in its tracks, and can even help promote hair regrowth precious. The reason why it works is due to the high content of phytoestrogens, which DHT stops being produced.


a herbal remedy for hair loss involves two Egyptian fresh ginger root, three tablespoons of sesame oil and a little lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients together, and massage the scalp. Let the mixture sit on the head for up to 30 minutes and wash.

Do this no more than three times a week, and you will find that your scalp circulation and improve hair health!

Ginko Biloba

Gingko biloba is a common remedy hair loss, and is used to stimulate circulation in the scalp healthy. This will help improve the health of hair, which will prevent bacteria and other localized problems cause hair loss. It will not, however, prevent the DHT to cause baldness.

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Apart from their painful stings, this plant has other uses. You can prevent your body from becoming DHT testosterone and that your hair loss will slow down. Some believe that even can promote the growth of new hair, and is very effective when combined with saw palmetto -. Another powerful remedy to help hair


caring for your hair to keep it healthy. Massaging the scalp with hot oil a few times a week, drink lots of fluids, protect your hair while in the pool, wear a hat in the hot sun, eating the right foods, and avoid style your hair with hot.

Do this, and your hair will stay healthy – and less likely to fall


Rangoli henna can help seal the cuticle around the hair shaft, protecting the roots of your hair and strengthen them. Henna powder talc-like green will be the best to protect your hair!

Green Tea

Make green tea and use it as a hair rinse. Antioxidants stop hair loss and protect your hair. You can even help stimulate regrowth of some, but not much.

Source: Healthambition.com

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