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Natural Cure For Malaria

If you are typical of young people who like adventure through forest, climbing a mountain pass valley, and a million natural beauty botanical exploration activity, or maybe you live in the area that makes it easy to get malaria. For example, you traveled Natural roaming in Papua, which is an endemic area for malaria. Here are some simple steps cure malaria naturally if you are infected with this disease.
1. The bitter for Health
Sambiloto indeed a wild plant it grows in the tropical forests of Indonesia, but do not ask usefulness as natural cure malaria. The way is to collect some of these ingredients, sambiloto leaves ie half hand 2 cm stem polishes (can be found in a traditional market in the store of medicinal herbs), and the black turmeric size of an egg .
All ingredients are cut into small pieces. Then heat with 4 cups of water (250 cc glass, about 1 liter) to the remaining 2/3 of its course. Strain this sambiloto grass. For best results you have to drink for two consecutive weeks at a dose for adults is ½ cup 3 times a day after meals. Dose for children only need 1/3 cup 3 times a day. Drink the potion without rest to recover.
Natural Cure For Malaria
2. So far, only Curcuma known among mothers as an appetite stimulant medication for children. Did you know that turmeric is also used as a natural medicine for malaria
Prepare the ingredients, including: 2 Brotowali, Curcuma with egg size 1duck, and stem polishes about the size of two fingers. All ingredients are available in the herb shop in traditional markets. Cut all ingredients into crumbs. Use 1 liter of boiled water until only remaining 2/3 water. Drink for 2 consecutive weeks without a break to recover.
3. The method is preparing a few leaves of bitter melon
Take the leaves bitter melon in a state of quite old but fresh in 1 bunch size, wash thoroughly then mash until smooth, pour 1 cup of boiled water, then add salt to taste, stir and strain and then take the water, and drink this decoction in a glass a day. It’s better if you drink before eating.
Well my friend. How? pretty easy right? For those of you who live in forested areas, especially in malaria endemic regions such as Papua. natural herb treatment of malaria today could be a powerful alternative to cure malaria naturally.

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