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Nail Fungus Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

When a stain is yellow or brown below the tips of the nails and eventually changes the color of the entire nail and nail thickens, then it is said to nail fungus.
Nail fungus may occur on the nails of the toes or fingers. Nail fungus is the fungal infection occurs in one or more of a nail. Sometimes nail fungus remain lifelong and sometimes cured if eventually left untreated.
Causes of nail fungus

  • nail fungus is caused by a special type of fungus called dermatophyte.
  • normal yeast are also responsible for nail fungus.
  • The heat and humidity leads to rapid development of fungi
  • dark sweating places full of moisture most likely when your toes within shoes for a long time gives birth to fungi
  • Less blood circulation in the toes or fingers because tight clothing elastic containing, socks, gloves, etc. makes harder and resistant nails
  • to be attacked by other fungi through small cuts in the body surface or skin

Nail Fungus Causes Symptoms and Treatments
symptoms of nail fungus
people who are not much aware of the health of your nails or little confused about whether they are suffering from nail fungus and then under the given points can help get a better idea

  • If your nails are becoming harder and more durable
  • If your nails change color permanently to a yellowish brown or off-white
  • If your nails are breaking down
  • If you find some points under the points of the fingernails or fingers
  • a feeling of pain every time you enter the case of fingers nail fungus feet and always working in the case of fingers.
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Then you need to check it out with your doctor as you may be suffering from nail fungus What are the risk factors lead to nail fungus?

  • Blood circulation decreased
  • Exposure to fungi
  • Keeping the toes and fingers on the environment wetter and wetter
  • Wearing socks and shoes long
  • nail cleaning not
  • Getting an injury to the nail minor
  • Diabetes
  • weak immune system

Treatments for Nail Fungus

common victims
mostly men are attacked by fungal nail as they keep their socks and shoes for all days over time and less aware of their nails. Women suffer from nail fungus rarely in some small wounds of the nails or fingers.
Treatments for nail fungus

    oral drug treatment

  • anti-fungal your doctor prescribed
  • Surgery
  • lacquered

  • anti -Mushrooms

Prevention of nail fungus

  • Keep your toes and dry fingers
  • Maintain cleanliness of nails
  • Keep cutting nails to avoid any damage
  • go through a process manicure and monthly pedicure once or twice
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