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Myth Busters: 11 Foods You Think Are Healthy, But Aren’t

Among the compelling television commercials, magazine ads, blogs and listen to our friends, many people confused about what “healthy food” actually is. You may think you are reaching for a healthy snack when actually loaded with sugar, corn syrup, high fructose, pesticides and other harmful toxins. Check out these 11 foods you think are healthy but are actually much less!

1) conventional products

You may think munching on fruits and vegetables is healthy. However, unless your product is organic, you’re still risking their health. conventional products is loaded with toxins, pesticides, hazardous chemicals and GMOs.

Instead : Go organic.

2) low-fat, reduced-fat or fat-free

Foods labeled “low fat,” “reduced fat “and” fat “are usually loaded with more sugar, sodium and chemicals to improve the taste.

Instead :. Avoid processed foods

3) Pre-made smoothies and juices

pre-made or smoothies and juices can store bought apparently healthy, but often have more calories than a fast food dish! This is because usually loaded with sugar and syrup to improve the taste. Many are also made with conventional products.

Instead: Make your own smoothies and juices

4) yogurt

Many people turn to frozen yogurt, assuming it is much healthier than ice cream. You may even think it has probiotics, as it is yogurt. However, through processing, all active cultures are killed.

Frozen yogurt is also high in calories and loaded with sugar. That’s not to mention sugary and fatty ingredients people like to load up on!

Instead: Eat live cultured yogurt, natural.

5) Wheat

Researchers estimate 40% of the population has some degree of intolerance to gluten. Wheat contains gluten! For this reason, be smart about labels and do your best to avoid products that are disguised as health by “whole wheat” or “grain of wheat.”

In addition, many products have been treated wheat with pesticides and other chemicals before harvest.

Instead : Make your own baked with gluten-free products such meal .

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6) Bars

You may think you are making the body is good when it comes to achieving energy, fiber or protein bar. However, they are actually not so different than a bar of chocolate! While meal replacement bars and snacks are advertised as “healthy” actually are highly processed, high-calorie, sugar-laden and contain high fructose corn syrup.

Instead : Snack on increasing energy organic fruits and vegetables.

7) Fish Hatchery

You may think you opt for a plate full of fish it is healthier than a big juicy steak. But if you are buying farmed fish, which is not the case.

eating food hatchery fish grows corn and soybeans genetically modified . This feed OMG is nothing like their natural diet. When you eat farmed fish, we are also taking a big bite of toxic GMO. Furthermore, farmed fish have a high risk of disease and parasitic infection.

Finally, the beneficial protein and omega fatty acids in fish can by reduced by 50% in a fish hatchery.

Instead: Eat wild fish.

8) Cold Cuts

processed and packaged meats are high in sodium. In some brands, February 1 Oz. serving contains about one third of the maximum recommended daily intake of sodium.

Instead: Eat, free real meat of antibiotics, hormone-free.

9) Margarine

Did you know that this alternative butter is a molecule away from plastic? Highly processed and created in a laboratory, margarine contains trans fats are associated with heart disease.

Instead :. Eating butter grazing

10) Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners trick your body and hunger trigger. The confusing ingredients found in these packages alter the delicate balance of their gut bacteria and allow the bacteria to take over bad. In the future, anything with “artificial” in the name should be avoided like the plague.

Instead: sweeten your meal with one of these natural sweeteners.

11) diet soda

While they are low in calories, diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners.

instead : Drink water Detox or unsweetened iced tea.

Do you eat these foods?

If you eat these foods on a regular basis, chances are you’ve killed some of the good bacteria in the gut. Your body needs good bacteria to function properly.

Your gut affects the whole body. Here are 6 functions of your intestine is linked to:

  • Digestive health
  • Immunity
  • Weight
  • the energy level
  • Humor
  • skin condition
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rebuild their good intestinal bacteria

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The : Destroyers of myths. 11 foods you think are healthy, but they are not first appeared in Gut Health Project

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