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My Top 5 Resources that Make Homeschooling Easier

My top homeschooling resources for speedreading coding languages and even whole programs 800x533

I mentioned in passing several times in webinars and videos that have learned to speed read in high school and is, today, one of the most valuable things I have learned.

So not matter what was the theme of the video or seminar as asking me if anyone has questions, which take full without missing is 😕

that’s fine, but how can I learn to speed read

Now that I have children approaching high school age and have been teaching them, I thought you should share how I learned, as well as some tools that make learning easier.

My Top Resources Homeschooling

We are just getting back into the rhythm of the school year and have been using various online tools that my children like and are making life easier. Most of them are free, and I’m sharing today.

Even if homeschooling, these tools can help make school easier for your children and accelerate the learning process (and duties).

If you do not have children, these tools are still great for speed reading and other learning new skills.

1. How learn speed reading

This is one of the skills I’m working with my children about because it makes much easier all other skills so. The best part is that really anyone can learn it. I have a photographic memory and learned about this a little different, so I was having trouble teaching my children until I found a computer program that makes it easy.

The program is called Spreeder , and has bad un-teach reading habits and retrains to read quickly and efficiently. A version of the free app that only works online, but how much recommend the paid version inexpensive that allows you to read the speed practically anything. We paid version which has already been well worth it.

Spreeder also lets you copy and paste text in many formats it and given to reading speed. You can put e-books, articles and even blog posts that have been meaning to read there and be able to read at 300 WMP + when just begun!

My kids love this because it is in the computer and looks like a game for them. They may even something “compete” in the number of words per minute they can read.

Output Spreeder here and learn how the system works .

2. Online Piano Teacher

Our favorite piano teacher retired earlier this year, and have been struggling to find another local teacher. A friend told me about Hoffman Academy teaches the basics of piano line for free. I was skeptical, but I’ve been very impressed with how easy it was to go on and learn. (There may be no quit piano myself as a child if I had this instead of a grumpy teacher who hit the knuckles when I screwed up!)

Fair WARNING- My kids love this and our house it is a constant chorus of the theme song of Star Wars and “Tomorrow” from Annie at the moment, but they are really enjoying it. As much as I love their beautiful music eeer, we just got a keyboard with headphones so they can practice on when the baby is sleeping and the piano is too high.

3. The easiest way to learn a language

At school, when given the opportunity to learn languages, I picked Greek and Latin. As you can imagine, this was definitely useful in the SAT, but has not been as useful in daily life.

caught me a little Spanish and traveling myself, but I’ve been having a blast learning Spanish and French, along with my children. In recent times, we have been using a free online tool called Duolingo makes language learning game. They are retaining what they learn much more than when it was just bookwork, and the program really is fun

The best part :.

have an application for mobile and tablets as well. When we are away from home, I can let you do a lesson on my phone in the car or at the dentist’s office.

4. Complete Homeschool Online Curriculum Options

As someone who wears a backpack of 40 pounds to high school, it still amazes me that there are literally whole and educational courses on line. I looked through a lot of them and found some that were very high quality and use it somehow.

Some are free, but my favorites are not. However, they are much less expensive than private school and I really like their use as a supplement.

Ron Paul Curriculum

This tool is not free, but it has been a lifesaver for me this year and is very inexpensive compared to other programs I’ve seen online. The curriculum Ron Paul has classes online for all core subjects including reading, math and history. We use it to supplement our regular curriculum, and children especially love the program history.

I love because it does not require any textbook or additional materials. The courses are taught by college professors through video conferences and I’m enjoying watching and learning as well. Also focus a bit on writing and students to write weekly essays from 4th grade. I’m a little bit biased, but the writing has been an incredible useful skill for me and I’m happy to see my children learning solid writing skills too!

The curriculum also focuses on critical thinking and uses original sources whenever possible.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another great all-in-one homeschool curriculum online. We use a number of courses in a complementary manner. Its programs are very interactive math and my children especially love coding classes and computer animation at this time. They offer advanced classes all the way to the calculation and even test preparation for all major tests. Did I mention it’s free?

Academic Earth

Mainly for older children, Academic Earth offers advanced classes in many collages free. You do not get college credit for classes, but if they are interested only in information, is an incredible way to learn. If you’ve heard of the free classes at Harvard and MIT available online, this is where to find them.

5. How to learn to code

In an increasingly technological world, computer skills are extremely salable. In fact, I know of several high school students who learned to encode and who are saving for college or to start a business doing the work of independent coding. Although I have an approximate knowledge of code after all the years of blogging, certainly not enough to teach it.

use Codecademy for online instruction code form. It is easy to understand and interactive. Any student who can read can start learning many different coding languages ​​on this site.

Is it a homeschool you or use online tools to help their children with school work or homework? Share your best tips below!

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