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My Neighbor is 57 Years Old, And Her Feet Are Like a Twenty Year Old Girl!

A founder website says its neighbor is 57, but has his feet as a girl of twenty years and you can read the recipe below.

At first, cracked heels are more an aesthetic problem, but as cracks bacteria more you delve into the cracks and can become infected and become quite painful. To avoid this it is necessary to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

thick, dead skin on the heels occurs due to excess dead skin and can cause a reduction in blood flow and elasticity. Pumice can help and is usually used after bathing or showering when the skin becomes softer. Sharp to remove dead skin objects should be avoided, as it can remove excess skin that can cause infection.

The feet need to be treated properly after removing dead skin. In order to do this you can prepare at home many natural remedies and can also use some moisturizers like. Coconut oil is a very good choice. Apply in a circular motion and wait a while before rinsing.

can also prepare a foot bath with rosemary, olive oil or lime to improve circulation. Do not forget, cracked heels can lead to numerous problems. If you want to have healthy and soft feet you need to nourish your foot skin regularly.

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blisters form when the skin has become thick and thickened due to prolonged friction, pressure or any other form of irritation (usually due to thin or high-heeled shoes). Occur in places where the pressure increases at or below the finger joints.


Calluses are irregularly shaped, usually white, gray or yellow. They appear especially in areas that are usually at higher pressure, like the outside of the big or little toe. Corns between the toes are also known as soft corns, because they are not hard like other due to wet skin between the toes.

This wonderful recipe will certainly help if you have cracks, corns or calluses.


  • 300 mg (10 tablets) or aspirin Andol
  • 250 ml of brandy or 70% rubbing alcohol

Method of preparation:

Crush aspirin tablets or Andol to obtain a powder. Then mixed with cognac (or rubbing alcohol) and leave the tincture to stay for 1-2 days.


Every night, shake the tincture before use. Then dip a piece of gauze folded it and put it on the problematic place in the heel. Then wrap the foot with a nylon bag and put on his socks. so leave it until the next morning.

In the morning, wash your feet with warm water, clean, and apply some oily cream or glycerin. You can also clean the foot with a brush or heel heel stone before applying the cream.

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After 10 treatments, this remedy will solve all your problems heels, and will help get rid of the skin raw or hard deposits and corns, calluses and blisters.

This remarkable tincture can also be used in the case of varicose veins (varices). All you need to do is use this mixture to massage the painful places, and instantly relieve pain.

The mixture can also be used in treating osteochondrosis. Repeat the same procedure, so massage the painful place the salt precipitation occurs with this incredible dye. The pain will disappear immediately.

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