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My gut is healthy, so why am I still anxious?

“Welfare is not always safe or fed or comfortable. rather, it is about learning to walk the line between the two, to balance, to move back and forth between them with ease and grace. ” John Ratey, MD

they have probably read by now how scientists are linking anxiety for the health of one of tripe. Addressing the connection between the gut, brain and its role in anxiety is a popular theme. Medication is the most common form of treatment for the estimated 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety disorders. In my research on this subject, I started comprises a list of how is to set holistically anxiety. Meditation, visualization, breathing, exercise, diet, attention, positive thinking, body scan, and sleep are very good and any of them can help your anxiety.

Before addressing a diet it appropriate to improve the health of your gut and brain, they have to deal with a small problem eating inside me to read the above how . Each of the above techniques is something that do but is only a temporary solution if the root cause of anxiety itself remains neglected.

A family member mine, called Russ wisely advises people the idea that we are all human beings, not human doings. In this journey of life and healing that needs to be connected to authenticity with others and more specifically with oneself. Consciously connected life involves simply slowing be vs. frantically running around do everything I can to fix / distract / numbness / prove himself, however, remain completely disconnected from his own being.

No matter what reducing anxiety the activity you engage in, when his do is used as a distraction to his being never reach healing . in fact, the balance becomes even more disturbed and that gradually destroy itself from the inside out. Their activity becomes a bandaid, bandaids and solve nothing.

Curitas solve anything

Curitas can provide protection to a wound, but the wound will not heal. I can not in good conscience write like many other health bloggers, offering only quick, temporary arrangements and act like every bad thing go away if you just follow my plan. Not sitting deep longing in each of us for welfare. Wellness encompasses much more than a fad diet or a session of hot yoga.

Wellness is a balance and that balance is often different from one person to another. The balance of wellness is more than just look good, eat well, or handstands. Wellness weaves back and forth through your lifestyle, mind, movement, environment, soul, and diet.

Life is learning to find grace in the balance the often chronic imbalance of stress and anxiety. It is a downward spiral if we do not stop long enough to recognize the source.

Anxiety creeps. His breathing becomes shallow, fast heart rate, jaw clenched, fist smashes the mind becomes either a fixation or blank. Then the voices toxic (or brain vultures as a friend and author, Leeana Tankersley calls them) rise up whisper shout “if only of.” If I were …… .able to be everything to all people at all times.

Life is often too difficult to endure too great to be borne, but we do have choices in how we respond. Unfortunately, the default option is often numb himself to avoid the pain of soul-stirring. Do not settle, you are worth more than this. I have been quoting Brene Brown a little lately , but she speaks so well of the human condition:

“shame enters for those experiencing anxiety because we are not only feeling fear, out of control, and unable to manage our increasingly demanding lives, but eventually our anxiety is compounded and made unbearable by our belief that stronger, or better if we were smarter, we would be able to handle everything. ”

As a mother of two children I have learned to recognize when the toxic anxiety begins to creep up on me. Usually, it is when I am asked to be more than we can give at that time. If I were perfect. If only I could anticipate all your needs. If only … ..

The truth is that my children do not need a perfect mother. They need a present mom, willing to be honest in the middle of the messiness of life. A mother who decides to participate rather than numb. One who is willing to connect with their little hearts and hear their stories without distractions. One who is willing to offer what is love, joy, and hope he can muster even when life sucks sometimes. Who she loves and teaches how to love. One who is willing to let their words and actions speak louder than toxic voices and tell my kids, “You Are Treasured, has value, that matters.”

No matter how life around you can fall apart, honesty fear, pain and nonunion put must always point to the redemptive story of God. Redemption is know that they are loved and valued despite their failures. His redemption brings peace and rest his soul. Peace that passes all understanding is countercultural. You can be in knowing that you do not have to be all capable, beautiful, fit and well-educated to have meaning.

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Being vs. Doing
The act of being is to learn to rest in what you are.

Luke 12: 22-23 says, “Do not worry about your life, what ye shall eat, nor for your body what you will wear. because life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. “

life is more than food and clothing is an important reminder, but I still worry so much. I know life is more , but many times more is what I’m grabbing. As we read in verse 24, I learn something else. There is a greater reason why we should not be anxious … .. we valued , hoarded, in fact, by the creator of heaven and earth.

being valued is something that I get, is not something that I do . Perhaps the reason why we try to do both as a cover for our anxiety it is because we have forgotten our value.

Let me say it again, you have courage! Resting in value!

Le treasure and has been since it was formed in the womb of your mother. God and His Word. Something of great value, provided care is taken. He does not bring you to where you just to get out of there.

Imagine the domino effect on humanity if most of us lived to know they are appreciated and in turn able to cherish others. Have a thorough knowledge of our own value, it allows us to assign value to others. When we value others, regardless of color, creed, race, sex, or origin, the heart of God is shown.

For where your treasure is, there is also the heart. (Luke 12:34)

There are valued because of their accumulations or achievements. Neither it is counted as value of the sum of the above circumstances, options, or errors. Lounging in our value means you do not have to scream as loud or fight so hard to win or take.

Ser has to happen before do . Understanding of its value, allows you then will be able to see the value in nourishing your body and soul. Rest in understanding who you are and how you are loved, then feel free to to , not as a distraction, but because they deserve it.

5 day meal plan for your gut and brain health

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intestine, brain, and anxiety

once it is well with my soul, we can begin to address the intestinal imbalance. psychoneuroimmunology is a field of science that studies the effects of negative and positive emotions on our immune system. negative thoughts and feelings increase the inflammatory state in the body and depress the immune system while positive thoughts and feelings have an anti-inflammatory effect to improve body balance. It also examines how stress acts as an infection in our immune system as Dr. Maier, PhD, explains, “In a real sense, true, stress makes you physically ill.”

Chronic anxiety causes a negative feedback loop in the gut-brain axis. One study notes, the repeated exposure to stress alters brain homeostatic environment . The inability to turn the stress and anxiety invites chronically elevated levels of cortisol, insulin and epinephrine, which continuously excite the brain.

An excited continuously inflamed brain is a brain. This inflamed brain plus a unhealthy intestine are a lethal combination. For example, chronic anxiety can cause leaky gut. Then the same permeable intestine, makes chemicals and toxins to seep into the rest of the body through the blood to the brain and alters the chemical balance of the brain, possibly affecting many components of mental health.

I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist. I do not pretend to know all the workings of the brain or its solutions. It is dangerous for a health professional to trivialize the stress and anxiety someone is low. We are not only evolving physical bodies, we have souls. The inner workings of the brain home every physical aspect of our body as well as memory, learning, thoughts and feelings. The brain also influences our desires, reason, beliefs, emotions, and will.

Treatment should never be the same for everyone. Reducing anxiety levels and improve intestinal health are important keys to wellness and can influence a more positive feedback loop between the gut and the brain and decrease chronic inflammation.

When it comes to the health of the neurological system, the appropriate functional approach addresses the body, mind and soul. Treatment consists of all the “facts” above, as well as focusing on toxicity, sleep, supplementation, stress relief, therapy, prayer / mediation, exercise and nutrition.

While we can not always control our stressful life, we can control the negative effects and inflammatory in our body, mind and soul. Our response to stress, immune function and memory can be directly affected for better or worse by the food we eat.

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Mind numbingly good food

the brain and intestine ( the second brain ) each needs to be fed properly. It is easy to think of them as something separate, but they have a two-way where one affects the other and vice versa so the food is intertwined.

Processed foods diet modern Western are high in sugar and chemical additives, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, artificial flavors, artificial sugars and refined vegetable oils. This type of diet does not provide food for the gut or brain.

does a couple of weeks, gave me health intestine . Eating to improve the gut is an important component of anxiety because of the right bacteria can help reduce intestinal inflammation and stop leaky gut to help the balance between the gut and brain. One type of bacteria is Lactobacillus rhamnosus , shown to reduce high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

In addition to healthy intestinal bacteria, the brain also needs healthy amounts of fat, especially omega 3. Dr. Perlmutter explains, “a high percentage of fat is associated with improved processing speed, learning and memory” (in the brain) .

Foods containing healthy fats are butter grass-fed, avocado oil, coconut oil extra virgin olive, wild fish (salmon), nuts (walnuts) and seeds (chia). Other healthy brain foods are herbs (rosemary), spices (turmeric), raised grass eggs, meat from grass-fed, dairy grass animals fed pasture raised pork, poultry grazing, organic vegetables (green leaves), fruits (blueberries) and black chocolate.

Plan food five days Remedy to feed the gut and the brain

for those of you that are contained in your being but still struggle with anxiety, the gut is a good place to focus. Moses is a man who is truly connected and know its value and still struggled with anxiety. Last year, he was a willing husband that went along with meal plans that his wife had created. His remedy story is proof that eating real food to feed the gut and the brain works great living.

is a have him honor shared, “ eating plan Melanie and training played an important role in the battle against anxiety. the combination of exercise, therapy and healthy eating greatly reduces my anxiety levels.’ve also slept better and woke up feeling rested, while following the plan Melanie “.

I created a meal plan 5 days consisted of many foods healthy gut and brain, because they deserve it. Comment below and share your experience if the meal plan Remedy is used.

To learn more about how to change your diet to reduce chronic inflammation and improve your health favor contact me.

I leave this great quote from Anne Lamott : “Your problem is how is going to happen this strange and precious life has been issued. whether you spend trying to look good and creating the illusion of having power over people and circumstances, or whether it will try, enjoy and discover the truth about who you are. “

Here’s to enjoy a healthy life intestine, brain, mind, soul and life!

receive this free diet plan inbox with the purchase of two weeks other here . (Use the drop-down tab and select the meal plan 2 per week)

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