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Must Read: Only 5 Minutes to Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Medications

The most common and disease is known today High blood pressure . This so-called silent murderer is guilty of strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and many other conditions. Although sometimes doctors can not find the real cause, hypertension is certainly a direct result of unhealthy lifestyle. Bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, salty foods, irregular sleep are a part of almost all patients diagnosed with hypertension.

How high blood pressure becomes

For various reasons already mentioned, the pulsations of the blood against the arteries forcing them to reduce and as they get thinner and stronger than the pressure rises due to heart pumping more blood. Tense muscles and blood vessels also.

High Blood Pressure Alternative medicine and ancient Chinese medicine us an incredibly easy way to control high blood pressure teaches. This is revealed by the Chinese doctor Moscow football club “Spartak” Lu Hun Sen.

The procedure is very simple:


Touching or massaging gently with the tip of the fingers , to press lightly on her hand from the bottom up.
pressing gently, follow the line from the bottom up, 10 times on each side of the hand.

Item 3

There is a pressure point on his face, just a half an inch away from the height of the earlobe. The line extends from the earlobe to his nose.

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Both parties should be massaged for a minute. Do not apply excessive pressure. You must be comfortable not in pain. The goal is to feel the pressure in the necessary place.

Your blood pressure will drop slowly, lest unsafe. Do this and see for yourself.

The Chinese medicine shows that if these points are massaged pressure, blood flow will regulate and prevent disease.

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