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Must-have foods rich in Vitamin B12

Must-have foods rich in Vitamin B12

Studies show that vitamin B12 deficiency is becoming slowly in a cause of concern in India. It is a vital micronutrient and its deficiency can lead to various problems including extreme fatigue, weakness, irritability or depression, low red blood cell, palpitations and decreased fertility, according to Dr. Leena Chatterjee, director SRL Labs, a chain of clinics diagnostic in India. Experts say that the recommended daily vitamin B12 allowed is about 2.4 micrograms. Therefore, make sure that you include these foods vitamin B12 and rich in your daily diet:

Cheese: Experts say that almost all types of cheese are a good source of vitamin B12 . So all out for mozzarella, feta cheese or Swiss cheese. . But before the check with your nutritionist about what adequate intake of cheese should be, according to their health needs

Eggs: Some say that eggs are the most concentrated source of vitamin B12, which contains 0.8 to 0.9 mcg of the 100 gms micronutrient. But if you have conditions such as cholesterol, check with your health advisor if eggs would be good for you or not

Milk :. If you like milk, you are in good company, because it is another real source of vitamin B12. But then, as with other foods, exercise restraint based on their health profile

Fortified foods :.
Go to fortified cereals or soy milk for improved daily dose of vitamin B12. Check food labels for the micronutrient content before buying fortified foods

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low-fat yogurt :. The vitamin B12 content varies from one type to another yogurt. But on average, according to experts, it can provide more than 50 percent of your recommended allowance of vitamin B12.

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