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Mother reveals birth of premature baby born in just 22 minutes was ‘traumatic’

baby top PA REAL LIFE

Jack has not suffered any long-term damage from birth

Maria Harris, 29, a nursery nurse from Portsmouth, said he had a fairly normal pregnancy despite being hospitalized with stomach pain, a few days before. .

On the morning of November 7, 2014, Maria went up to check his nephew, but her water broke and she realized she was in labor in just 32 weeks

She said “I immediately called my husband and he thought he was joking at first, because I had been playing the night before and had told him she was in labor

.” I had to convince him it really was this time and then there was only panic. “


Jack was born in 22 minutes

her husband Nathan he rushed home from work to take her to Queen Alexander hospital in Portsmouth.

“I called from the car and spoke to a midwife to let them know I was coming. We rushed directly to the delivery room. There was no time for pain relief and only had to lie down and start push, “he said.

Mary came to motherhood around 10:20 a.m. and baby Jack was born just 22 minutes later, at 10:42 a.m..

She said: “One minute I was having a few contractions and the next she was giving birth the whole thing was overwhelming – was not an option for the pause time ..”


Maria said she was suffering from postnatal depression

Within just six minutes, Maria spent six centimeters to 10 centimeters dilated

She said.. “they were trying to explain to me that I needed steroids, because it was so early, but I told them I had to push there was a many people in the room, but only had gas and air, so I was in and out of the real world and suddenly he was born. “

Because it was two months premature, but Jack weighed 4 lbs 1 oz.

“took more than a minute to get his breathing when he was born,” Mary said.

“That does not sound very long, but when you’re waiting can seem like forever. My husband cut the cord and then had to disappear suddenly neonatal.”

as the work of Mary was very fast, doctors do not have time to administer steroids to help the lungs of Jack developed and had to be placed in an incubator

She said .. “the first time I saw it was so small I could not hold him until the third day, which was amazing, but I was so scared. I was covered with wires and he was so small. I did not want to do anything to hurt him. “

he spent the first five weeks in the hospital to help you gain weight. Mary remained with him for the first three days. Then he had the painful experience of having to go out without your baby.

Maria, Nathan and Jack PA REAL LIFE

Mary, Nathan and Jack

“We would like go see him two or three times a day. I just go as much as I could be with him.

Jack, who hasn ‘t suffer any long-term damage from his premature birth, was discharged the hospital just before Christmas in 2014.

“is doing brilliantly now, but suffered from postpartum depression because the birth was so traumatic.

“gets me out having more children, because I worry that it could happen again,” said Mary.


Mary said having a premature baby is ‘very hard’

Mary and Nathan hadn ‘t attended prenatal classes before undergoing Jack and I had not really considered that her baby could be born premature.

“I did not really know what to look for. I had packed all my bags, but I had never thought of clothes for a premature baby,” he said.

“Having a premature baby is very hard. I felt like I lost so much, not having the first five weeks with him.

” Prospective parents should consider all possibilities. They have to understand that babies can come whenever they want. “

This comes after it was revealed miracle baby is kept alive in sandwich bag after premature birth

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