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Most medical tests are avoidable

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MUMBAI: It would be prudent to run for an annual health check in a country where one in three adults has hypertension and heart attacks occur a decade earlier than they do in the West. However, an evaluation of 25 health packages offered by eight clinics and hospitals in Bombay showed that most tests do not actually have an impact on the overall health of an individual.

Dr. Yash Lokhandwala, the lead author of the study, which appeared in the National Medical Journal of India, said tests routine health as practiced in urban India are counterproductive in regard to health community.

“There is no justification for testing such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, thyroid stimulating hormone, electrolytes, pulmonary function tests, among others, as part of` health check” for the population general, “he said.

Indeed, a senior doctor said most hospitals offer health checks as they felt it was a way to increase revenue. “They spot elevated levels of some hormones or blood components ad vise and a stay in the hospital for a better picture to emerge,” he said.

The study focused on health packages, costing between Rs 1,650 (for a `mini ‘health check) to Rs 59,500 (for a` deluxe’ package).

The study concluded that apart from financial burden and resources, many health checks led to over-diagnosis and over-treatment, psychological stress due to the results of falsepositive tests, damage testing invasive monitoring and false security because FALSE- negative test results.

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Dr. Sanjay Nagral, liver surgeon and editor of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, said. “The evidence has long existed that health checks do not affect health Leave aside the fact that do not contribute to collect diseases, health checks to perform the incidental detection will lead to a greater huge battery of investigations. “Dr. Sanjay Nagrai said he often saw patients who came to him for an operation of removing the gallbladder. “They say a random check showed that they had gallstones and were advised to remove the stones or gallbladder itself,” said Dr. Nagral. “When I say that not symptomatic stones should be left alone, many are not convinced. People refuse to accept that asymptomatic stones need not be ed delight. If a fibroid is not worried that a woman should be considered a big problem? “, I ask.

Dr. Srikanth Reddy who heads the Public Health Foundation of India, said it has been demonstrated repeatedly called executive controls are not necessarily beneficial. So what is the best health examination? It is best to have “opportunistic controls” during his visit to the doctor, doctors said.

people should evaluate themselves during their visit to your doctor.

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