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Morning Meditation For a Better Life

Meditation is the art of relaxing your mind to release all the stress that has accumulated in your busy life. It is a way to detox your mind and control their thoughts.

The brain controls the body’s nervous system and the release of many hormones. Humans are mainly animals and when an animal, which releases stress hormones to give maximum attention to deal with an attack attacks.

The same happens inside a human body in response to stress. The problem is that humans can not distinguish between stress caused by working conditions and life, and stress caused from a life-threatening situation. End hormone release which tightens the body, leading to stress. It is the morning meditation that helps counteract stress in a big way!

Meditation is basically a breathing technique that helps is possible to reach a state in which he / she is no longer controlled by his thoughts rather than controls.

Meditation is not just a physical process because while meditating enter a spiritual level all with oneself and the opportunity to experience and learn more about your body and mind. Meditation is best practiced early in the morning because you can enter a meditative state more easily at this time when nature is calm and quiet.

Morning Meditation Energy

Early morning is the time when nature has not yet awakened from a deep sleep. Animals and birds are still shaking and daily routine has not begun. As human beings are also composed of various elements of nature, there is a balance in the harmony between humans and nature.

morning meditation for energy

In the early morning, there is a level of deep relaxation and a natural attraction to his own subconscious which helps a lot during meditation and can be very fruitful. When he gets up late, you may not be able to meditate very well because there are a lot of restless energy in the air and energy reacts with it. It is able to induce a peaceful and quiet environment, even if you are in a quiet place.

is very beneficial for you if you get up early, preferably at dawn, and meditate in the morning, as this gives benefits and energies that meditation during other times of the day will not give, never! Its electromagnetic field or energy field is the highest at this time of day and since then has not experienced any stress, however, they are not in a sphere of negative energy and can go deeper into your consciousness feel the benefits of meditation morning.

You will be able to block all irritants and seep into the good energy from all natural sources and their inner being.

Benefits of morning meditation

meditation in the morning is very beneficial for you as it helps ease you into a physical as well as mental and spiritual level . Here are some other important benefits of meditation in the morning:

Benefits of Morning Meditation

decreases oxygen consumption
As work harder, the amount of oxygen needed by the body continues to increase. With more oxygen, all within your body burns more and as a result, more toxins are released. Oxygen also leaves a large amount of free radicals in the body that give physical symptoms such as staining of the skin, pimples, fatigue and stress. morning meditation helps lower the level of consumption of oxygen in the body and helps eliminate side effects.

decreases respiratory rate
Breathing is a natural process of human beings and should also be. Respiratory rate is the rate at which you breathe per second and higher respiratory rate means that your lungs have to work harder to achieve the desired level of oxygen in the body. Mediation helps control breathing and because it helps to deepen our breaths, actually is changing the oxygen level with only these few breaths. Benefits directly belong to the lungs, as only a few breaths with can have desired levels of oxygen.

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increases blood flow
Mediation helps increase blood flow in the body and counters any symptoms such as locks and thick arteries. A smooth and regular flow of blood in the vessels means that the heart begins to function properly and heart rate improvements, giving you a healthy heart.

Improved exercise tolerance
Sometimes, when you exercise you may feel breathless and tired very soon. With meditation to control stress levels and breathing. As you exercise more you will not get as tired and sluggish, as before. Therefore, you end up doing more exercise and get more benefits from it.

more profound physical relaxation:
As you meditate and control your thoughts, gives rest to your brain and reach a state where the nerves are relaxed and it starts to affect their welfare physical. Your stress hormones are reduced, especially adrenaline. These hormones give us a false sense of alert. As the level of these hormones drop, you feel relaxed and well rested.You stop feeling tired and does not have body aches. Overall, it feels more relaxed on a physical level.

Lowers Blood Pressure:
People with high blood pressure benefit especially mediation as it helps to decrease blood flow and regulates the interior of the vessels. The heart works better and symptoms resulting from high blood pressure, such as headache and fatigue are reduced.

decreases the amount of blood lactate
blood lactate is a chemical in the blood that anxiety attacks people to prevent heart function. Because of this, people begin to feel heartburn and suffer from headaches and stress. morning meditation reduces the amount of lactate in the blood in the body and decreases anxiety attacks.

Decreases muscle tension:
The muscles in the human body tense when we are in a state of stress or overwork. morning meditation helps release hormones that relaxes muscles and contracts the state of tension manifests. They are relieved, causing tired.Counters feel more relaxed and less disease: regular meditation helps to counter chronic diseases such as asthma and spasms that result from the loss of control of some bodily functions. Meditation reduces stress on the body and relieves the triggers of these chronic diseases.

Help with premenstrual syndrome:
premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual syndrome is a condition in which a woman feels sharp pain in his body and goes through a series of changes humor. morning meditation can calm the muscles ovarian and control the release of estrogen and help counteract the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

helps healing post-operative:
After surgery, it is important that a person completely relaxes and allows your body to reach an agreement with the invasion and healthy alone. morning meditation helps the body heal after an operation and is very useful to counteract any pain or side effects.

improves the immune system
Meditation helps improve all bodily functions, so the body to function at 100 percent, which increases the number of white blood cells the human body. As the amount of white blood cells increases, the human immune system enhancement and can counter many diseases.

helps you lose weight:
One of the main reasons for the weight gain is chronic stress makes people eat more than they should. Another reason is a healthy lifestyle and a feeling of tiredness that does not allow people to exercise. morning meditation relaxes the mind and controls the amount of hormones released. Therefore, aid in weight loss.

tissue damage Less:
Free radicals in the body attack human tissue from inside and these are manifested in the form of cysts or physical signs such as spots, bad skin and accelerated aging. morning meditation helps reduce the amount of free radicals in the body and reduces tissue damage together.

drop in cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is the bad kind of fat in the body that blocks the arteries and causes blockages in the human heart, increasing the risk of disease from the heart. morning meditation reduces the amount of bad cholesterol and helps to oppose any type of cardiovascular disease.

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tips morning meditation:

Meditation is the mood and relaxation that does not come easily to many people. You need to learn to control your breathing and thoughts. Here are some tips for meditation in the morning so you can start:

What time of day you choose to meditate is an important thing. Choose a time that is convenient for you when you do not have to run anywhere and when other external factors, such as work, school, etc. children are absent. Ideally, this time is the early morning, when the whole atmosphere is relaxed.

Like the time, the place meditate also plays an important role. Choose a place that is quiet and where you will not be affected. A tranquil setting helps clear the mind and makes you focus on your meditation.

You do not have to sit in a yoga asana complex to mediate. Choose a position and posture that suits you best in your spine is straight and are not stressing or putting pressure on any part of the body. Only when you feel comfortable in your physical well being, you can be comfortable and relaxed in their mental and spiritual well-being.

Medite fasting:
When you have food in your body, the internal system continues to run and your body is not in a relaxed state of rest. Ideally mediate an empty stomach, but if you still feel hungry, you can eat a snack or fruit to achieve satiety.

begins with a warm
should start your meditation practice with some warm-up routines such as stretching or walking to help eliminate any concerns the basic body. Warmups also improve blood circulation and all body systems open to help you sit in a meditative trance for long without inertia building.

Take a deep breath:
When you take a deep breath, more oxygen enters and flows through the lungs. This helps you achieve a state of alertness and relaxation and keeps your circulation and how to start meditate.Smile: It might seem like a silly exercise, but when you smile, the mere physical act allows your facial muscles relax and removes all the tension and stress from your mind. So when you meditate simply put a smile on your face and feel happier.

Open your eyes slowly: After finishing the meditation do not rush to open their eyes. Be gentle and let your body move from a resting state to a relaxed state of relaxed alertness and not download your eyes. Instead, they are seeping into their environment and enjoy all the good energy flowing through your body. Cover your eyes with the palms of the hands and open them slowly. Give them some time to acclimatize and then and only then, remove the palms and expose their eyes to the outside light.

Yoga is an ancient Hindu and according to her tradition, the morning sun contains powerful solar energy, sans the harmful UV radiation. Therefore, you can get a lot of food sunrise and transformed. The solar plexus chakra of a human being is near the navel and meditate early in the morning, this chakra increases in size. A large solar plexus means that you are in control of your energy field, is relaxed and is able to gain all the benefits of meditation. The elements that feed the morning sun, leaving with energy and a heightened state of relaxation. Performing asanas during meditation gives you a better fitness level and flexibility.

meditation in the morning is a very beneficial habit and should be followed by everyone trying to reach a state of relaxation in these times of stress.


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