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More Exercise Equals Less Sickness: Here’s Why

Once again the cold and flu season is feared among us with full force. It seems no matter where you go there is someone coughs or sneezes. And while your first inclination is to stock up on vitamin C, it may be better to go running in place.

Recently, researchers found that a daily dose of exercise can help you stay healthy. When asked 1,000 volunteers to record your daily exercise activities and cases of the disease throughout the cold and flu season, those who exercised regularly experienced less colds during the period of three months.

But before thinking of one or two sessions of sweat keep germs at bay, think again. The scientists found that for your body to build immunity, you need to constantly exercise. Of volunteers in the study, those who tied his sneakers on five days a week experienced 40 percent fewer illnesses or symptoms compared with those who only records a day of weekly exercise.

Other study found similar results when occurrences of infections of upper respiratory tract in adults are examined. The researchers found that people who exercised consistently experienced fewer infections than those who did not.

Researchers are not entirely clear why athletes enjoy better health, but one theory is that the increased blood flow allows white blood cells and antibodies that circulate throughout the body more quickly and efficient. Because of its rapid movement, they are more likely to find and fight the infection faster. And the increased body temperature experienced during a good sweat session can help kill certain germs before they have a chance to attack.

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Another theory is that the body eliminates bacteria, germs and other toxins through sweat and saliva during exercise. This is another reason why you want to disinfect fitness equipment in a gym before and after use.

exercise In addition to helping kill cold germs and flu, exercise is often the springboard for other immune-boosting benefits such as better sleep habits and relieve stress. People who exercise often routinely recorded more sleep or experience a better quality of sleep. And the exercise of any type will help reduce stress, which can hit hard immune system.

So next time you’re in a room full of friends germy, strap shoes and go running!

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