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Moratorium on GMOs in South Australia Extended Until 2019

South Australia has announced it will extend its moratorium on all genetically modified crops until at least 2019. According to the governor Minister Leon Bignell, keeping GM-free South Australia gives you a great advantage in foreign markets.

The suspension was launched in 2003 and serves to prohibit all production of GM crops and crops, including trials. South Australia is the only Australian state with such a prohibition.

says Governor Minister Bignell, “we have a solid reputation not just around Australia, but around the world to produce clean, high quality food green and believe it has a suspension of crop production GM really helps us in this regard … people are paying a premium per tonne $ 50 and believe there are many more advantages of having the moratorium rather than lift “.

opposition party South Australia also supports the suspension of GMOs, and confirmed that support its continuation until at least 2019 if they were to take power in March.

In Europe, polls show that about 70 percent of Europeans oppose GMOs in the European Union. Hungary has had a ban on GM since 2006, and has announced that this prohibition will continue, with the consensus among political parties.

While GM crops are currently widespread in the United States, many citizens are not compatible with them. A survey conducted last June by TNS Intersearch of Pennsylvania for abcnews.com asked a national sample of 1,024 adults their views on GMOs and labeling of GMOs, and the results were quite revealing.


south australia Results of the survey showed that 52 percent of respondents thought that GM foods were unsafe, and 13 percent do not know. An overwhelming majority of 93 percent of respondents said the US government It should require labeling of foods containing GMO ingredients.

We can only hope that the United States finally follow the example of much of the world and decide that GMOs are not worth the resources that cost and potential risks to public health. Hopefully, this awareness will come before the damage becomes extensive.

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