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Monsanto Kicked Out Of Greece And Latvia: GM Bans Sweep Through Europe

First Scotland and Germany started GMOs from their countries, citing fear of GM crops contaminate food supplies and concerns about putting their industries at risk food and beverages. Now, Greece and Latvia are saying Monsanto exactly what they can do with their genetically modified crops. The tide is changing. A turning point simply became evident through the actions of two additional European countries that have had enough of the strong arm Biotech.

Latvia and Greece have opted out of GMOs, such as Germany and Scotland are, as part of the new allocations indicated in legislation recently approved for EU countries.

The geographical opt-outs specifically directed MON810 GM maize from Monsanto, that countries can choose to grow or decline in the coming months. This is currently the only genetically modified crop allowed to be grown within the EU at present -., But only when countries give specific permission

Pulse As sustainable explains , “, while the European Commission is responsible for approvals, should also be excluded applications must be submitted to the company making the application ie Monsanto MON810.”

If additional Member States refuse Monsanto, we can be sure that the biotechnology company will try to find other ways to force their GM crops in the world (for example, the Trans Trade Association Pacific), but as we say NO collectively, the defense of the prohibitions and requiring labeling, we will rid this planet of the plague that has been genetically modified food.

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