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Mommy Hacks – Tips for Moms

Mommy Hacks Tips for Moms

have had an updated my phone tips I’ve found that I saved time or money list (or made my life much easier). My hope was to work them in positions so he could share them, but the list is getting longer and I was having trouble adjusting a lot of useful advice randomly placed on detox their graves or The MTHFR mutations .

So get your own place instead!

Mami Hacks

Here are some random “Mommy Hacks” that save me time or money or are just plain convenient. It has any tips that save you time and money? I would love if you want to share them in the comments below …

1. Hold an all-in-one Cleaner in your bag

I love not use hand sanitizers or antibacterial soaps but my kids have a way of finding trouble germy to play on a regular basis. Painting beet juice, some shirts to the laundry to be without at least one stain.

I found a solution to both problems. Keep the Fundamentals branch newly reformulated spray to clean purse. It works very well for treating stains pre-on the fly to come out more easily in the wash, plus use it to clean public toilets, handles buying groceries and even their hands after touching these things.

2. Hold the lettuce in glass Mason jars

I wish you would know this years ago …. have saved. a lot. Greens are kept cool and fresh in jars 1-2 weeks instead of 3-4 days in this way.

salads To save time, I also prepacked in these jars. Put the meat or protein in the bottom of the jar with any sauce or dressing, then add chopped or any other covered vegetables, then put the lettuce or spinach in the past. I pre-Make These for the week, especially if I’m on the road.

When ready to eat, just shake the bottle to mix the dressing and pour into a bowl.

3. A shirt that improves other shirts …

I am by no means a fashionista … I’m more of a stylish yoga pants kind of girl, so I do not usually write on clothes …

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a recent purchase inspired me to break this (self-imposed) without fashion blogs rule, however. It is called an extender lace and allowed me to wear shirts that have not been used for a decade (and now I feel old …).

is a shirt that can be worn under shirts for longer and dress them up a bit. I’m long high-waisted and longer as the stomach or hip bone baring styles in college wearing no, but I still love some of the shirts that I have (now * real * pictures).

These extenders lace seriously have expanded my wardrobe and even shirts, jackets or sweaters dress. My two favorites are:

4. Dry Shampoo

In a perfect world, I wake up early every morning, training, shower and do my routine health before my children wake up I’m quietly preparing breakfast when they come down.

actually, this only happens about half the time and half, I’m on time or wake up early, so I do not have time to wash your hair before they wake up. These days, dry shampoo is my best friend.

I make my own (cheaper + natural) and customize it to my hair color. Here it is the recipe and how to customize .

5. Reuse of old socks

Our house could be renamed the land of mismatched socks. I do not know how, but somehow managed to lose my children, ruin or hide socks, but only one of them …

My growing bin matching sock was frustrating me, until I discovered my daughter the way baling-sized heat for children old socks, and until we realized we could mop the floor with them …

Here is the tutorial for home heating pads (and hand warmers kid-sized ). For cleaning plant, I just give each child a spray bottle of Foundations Branch cleanser diluted let’s put them all in several layers of mismatched socks and “skate” on the ground. The spray one place and then slide on it to clean it. As socks get dirt, simply peel them off to get a clean layer.

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The result? A fun activity for children and a clean floor for me!

6. Take a cup Diva

So we all know tampons and towels are not healthy … I do not know? Here is why .

If I had to name one thing that has saved me time, money and hassle, it would be my diva Cup . Yes, it is strange to adapt. Yes, my husband still thinks it’s weird, but it’s the closest thing to not have a period when you are on your period. Here’s why I love

  • My period has decreased over 1-2 days a month since I started using it (other women report this as well and also report that their cramps fade)
  • Only I have to change every 12-24 hours and in the middle, which is like not having a period. I can swim, run, exercise, sleep, etc. without having to worry about changing your
  • It has saved up to $ 10 per month in purchasing products for the natural feminine care

this is the model that I have ( children get it if you have not had ) and AMO (strange to say about a menstrual product). Seriously- try … I challenge you! TIP: If it is uncomfortable or leaks, try turning upside down …

7. Foaming hand soap

to make our soap last longer, I I make my own by using natural organic soap and a foaming soap dispenser.

Here it is the tutorial .

8. Whiten teeth with coal

I bleached teeth (like really bleached them) all-natural natural coconut charcoal (not things grill!) And that has improved my oral health in the process.

sounds strange and it seems even more strange, but it works. Here it is the how-to . I find it works best in combination with my simple whitening toothpaste .

What tips and tricks “mom” do what you have to help save time and money? Share your best below!

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