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Mom Believes Cannabis Oil Beat Her Son’s Leukemia!

Landon Riddle, 2 year old! -. In 2012 he was diagnosed with leukemia, and the situation looked bleak

His mother told CNN Sierra screen “his entire chest was full of tumors of leukemia, so she could not breathe.” “I started the chemo, but were told they would probably not do it.”

Doctors gave an 8% survival probability Landon.

Two months of chemotherapy was well. But Landon that starting treatment began to show serious signs of the disease.

developed neuropathy in the legs, which made it almost impossible for him to walk.

His mother said: “Most days I could not get off the couch”. “He was just there and pull and pull up.”

Landon also lost an alarming amount of weight -. 50% of their body weight

Landon chemotherapy kills him faster than the cancer is removed, concluded his family.

But then, a friend of the family of screens created a Facebook page called offer hope to Landon. It was not long before making recommendations for the treatment of medical marijuana began arriving

His mother Wendy and Sierra began looking into it

They found that the Stanley Brothers – One .. the largest producers of marijuana dispensaries Colorado and owners, through their research.

Standleys had been working on the development of a low psychoactive marijuana race potential and, on the other hand, a level much higher cannabidiol.

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cannabidiol is the ingredient in cannabis offering with anti-tumor capabilities inflammatory and, according to the National Cancer Institute

This was exactly what the Riddle wanted

Sienna enigma Landon began giving marijuana – .. as oil first, then in pill form.

The results were extraordinary. Landon was throwing less, in just a few days. He started eating properly again. His mother also changed his diet to an organic being 100%.

Landon continued to improve six months later. So his mother decided to stop chemotherapy altogether.

Landon doctors were not too happy about it.

Chemotherapy is not an option, if you are a minor who has been diagnosed with cancer in the US is required.

Children Hospital doctors Colorado, where Landon was being treated, told the family that if chemotherapy Landon, child protective services would be called in they refused.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Sierra put him back in chemotherapy, for fear of losing custody of your child. But that did not last long. Sierra soon Landon and chemotherapy treatment at home stopped and instead continued to use marijuana, allowing the hospital to provide intravenous chemotherapy once a month.

Landon doctors told child protective services would be dead within three months if it did not continue chemotherapy, since the mandate. That was in 2014. Landon, who is still in the custody of his mother, is still alive and well -. And cancer free

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grandmother Wendy Landon said the family will continue to fight, without remorse

“is not only the struggle for Landon,” she said. “It’s not only him, but all children to come.”

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