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Mix Cucumber and Mint and Create Powerful Fat-Melting Drink

Blend cucumber and mint and create powerful fat melting drinks

in order to create this powerful fat melting drink, you need only a minute of your time. Provided that when consumed regularly, the results are more than fascinating!

Cucumber Water

There are many healthy drinks that could take care of your body line at the same time. This means that beverages are not coming to you extra calories and at the same time they are supporting the process of digestion. It could be prepared at home and to ensure that while all ingredients are natural and contain no sugar or other additives.

cucumbers and mint are great combination controls appetite , improves digestion, curb sugar cravings and improves metabolism . Burns calories and effectively burn stored fat around the internal organs. This is why this mixture is an excellent choice to help reduce weight quickly and burn fat faster than ever stomach. At the same time it helps you detoxify your body completely and cleanse the liver .

MORE delicious drink that burns abdominal fat

Mix these ingredients and create a very powerful drink that melt excess your belly fat , thighs and buttocks in an easy and fast way without any side effects. If you want to add a flavor and strengthen the potential to burn fat drink either squeeze 1 lime 1 drink.

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Eat whenever you feel hungry or 30 minutes before taking a meal.


  • 2 cucumbers
  • 15 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 liters water
  • 1 lime 1 (optional)


cut the cucumber, cut mint leaves and add them in water. Shake it and let it stay overnight. Consume all the amount the next day.

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