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Miraculous Water For Nasal Irrigation: Say Goodbye To Your Allergies!


There are so many people who suffer from spring allergies, and although spring is the favorite season for many of them, because they hate the annoying allergies.

Fortunately, you will be able to remove pollen and dust that enters your nose with the help of the so-called nasal irrigation. It will help relieve itching and stop sneezing.


Make this amazing water, clean the nasal cavity and get rid of allergies onde for all!
  • In a glass of cold water, add a tablespoon of marshmallow root.
  • Mix the solution well.
  • Allow to remain so for three hours.
  • After that, the solution is strained and used to clean the nasal cavity.
tea for allergies

You will be able to fight spring allergies upset by this herbal solution.

  • 10 grams of elderberries
  • 10 grams of spruge
  • 10 grams of marigold
  • 10 grams of thyme
  • 15 grams of rosehip
  • 15 grams of mauve
  • 25 grams of nettle

Put all ingredients and mix well. After that, pour 2 tablespoons of this healthy mix in a small town full of cold water and the mixture boli container. Once cooked, remove from heat and leave for about ten minutes. Then strain the mixture, add a little honey and is ready for drinking. They should drink this drink throughout the day.

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Final note :. In order to protect the penetration of allergies in the nose, before leaving, just put a small amount of oil marigols (calendula) or virgin olive oil in and under the nose

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