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Miraculous Celery Drink: Eliminates Kidney Stones, Reduces Cholesterol And Soothes Digestion Process

According to research, “celery reduces cholesterol level, even by 7 times, just be consuming 2 stalk of the plant on a daily basis. Celery can also help when bile acid secretion, which is capable of removing cholesterol from the body.

The juice made from stalks celery is one of the healthiest drinks. It has a lot of nutrients, so it should be consumed as more frequent as possible.

Also, read what this amazing drink can try:

celery leaves are rich in vitamin A, while the stems are great source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, contain potassium, folic acid, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids. Of course, we will stop not to mention the essential oils that are present in this vegetable. In fact, these oils are what give the incredible celery and specific smell. These oils positively affect the entire nervous system.

Celery is also rich in sodium, but this type of sodium is very different from the salt we use on a regular basis. The salt that we use daily is consisted of insoluble compounds, which cause damage to the arteries, and adversely affect the condition of varicose veins and other health conditions and diseases. Sodium that is present in celery, moreover, is soluble in water, so it is easier for the body to use it while maintaining hydration cells.

Numerous advantages of celery juice

It is well known that celery contains at least eight compounds against cancer. Some research, which was conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey, has been shown that celery contains numerous compounds, which aims to prevent the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. The compounds we are talking about are acetylcholine and folic acid. Coumarins is another important phytochemical that has the ability to prevent the harmful effects that are caused by free radicals. It is also able to prevent the growth of colon cancer and stomach.


Celery juice is rich in potassium and sodium, which are very powerful stimulant for the production of urine. You should know by now that discharge toxins and harmful substances and rids the body of excess fluids through urine.

Lowers cholesterol

The butyl phthalide chemical compound, which is present in celery helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels. According to researchers at the University of Chicago, celery reduces the level of bad cholesterol for seven times just by eating celery stalks on a daily basis. Celery also helps the process bile acid secretion, which is capable of removing cholesterol from the body.

Reduces blood pressure

Celery can help reduce high blood pressure as well. According to research, you will be able to successfully reduce high blood pressure after only seven days of regular intake of celery juice. The compounds, called phthalide, help the muscles around the blood vessels to relax, which improves and stimulates better circulation of blood. Phthalides also reduce levels of stress hormones, which, among other things, cause narrowing of blood vessels. Therefore, celery does not reduce high blood pressure in their “own”, but its compounds are those who do all the work.

Help insomnia

The minerals and essential oils in celery juice have relaxing effects on the nervous system, which is extremely important for people suffering from insomnia. High levels of magnesium will help you relax, and therefore falls into a deep sleep comfortable.

weight loss

The consumption of celery juice during the day will almost kill your craving for sweets. By drinking this drink you are actually filling your stomach, but not enter calories.

Prevention and removal of gallstones and kidney

Celery juice is an excellent medium when it comes to removing toxins from the body. Due to this fact, the juice will definitely help dissolution and discharge of stones in the gall bladder and urinary tract in general.

stimulates and improves digestion process

The nutrients are introduced, present in the fibers, when help celery eaten in activation fictions of the intestines. This makes celery a natural laxative that will help get rid of constipation. In addition, it calms nerves are somewhat depleted because pharmaceutical laxatives. healthy

sexual desire

Celery juice is ideal for those who are dealing with problems of a sexual nature that is, decreased desire sexual. The good thing about this is that celery not become a kind of nymphomaniac, that you may experience due to the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Celery can be combined with a variety of other fruit juices and vegetables, such as carrot juice, apple and cucumber juice.

The celery miracle drink: Eliminates kidney stones, reduces cholesterol and eases the digestion process first appeared in Healthy Food Star

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