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Milk Tea Vs Black Tea Vs Green Tea: Best Pick

milk tea vs black tea vs green tea
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Yes, we love the game of comparisons and are confident that also love and today’s topic is very common and linked to our daily lives: tea milk tea vs green tea vs Black . It is an interesting fact to know that tea is the most consumed in the world after water. There are several kinds of tea available including tea with milk, Tea Black green tea, lemon tea, Oolong (a traditional Chinese tea), etc.

There are many different benefits of tea as it is less caffeine than coffee, helps in weight loss, contains antioxidants and vitamins, improves the immune system, helps protect bones and reduces the risk heart attack. So we will discuss in depth the positive and negative aspects of milk tea, black tea and green tea (Tea Milk Tea vs Black vs green tea).

Milk Tea vs Black Tea vs green tea

tea Black

Black tea is made from a shrub known as Camellia sinensis and is considered healthy if taken once or twice a day., without any additives like sugar or milk

milk tea vs black tea vs green tea
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Benefits of Black tea

1. antioxidants – tea black incorporates polyphenols , , which are chemicals that are found in plants. It is believed to have health benefits such as preventing diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

2. Oral Health – Tea Black restricts the growth of bacteria and reduces plaque formation preventing tooth disintegrates and cavities. The black tea plays a crucial role in prevent oral cancer .

3. Increases energy – Black tea contains less amount of caffeine , which helps improving blood flow to the brain. It stimulates the respiratory system, metabolism, kidney and heart .

4. Immune System – Tea Black contains tannins that fight viruses and keeps us safe from stomach flu, flu, etc. Help boost our immune system .

5. Stress Relief – amino acid is present in black tea that helps us concentrate better and relax . When consumed in moderate amounts, is reduces the level of stress .

Risks of Black Tea

1. Drink a lot – Taking black tea in moderate amounts is sure, but who have large amounts of it (more than four cups a day) can cause health problems .

2. Difficulty sleeping – Regarding the first point, which has large quantities of black tea means it has a lot caffeine that can cause a problem getting to sleep

3.. Nausea -. drinking too black tea on an empty stomach can irritate the stomach and can cause gastric problems

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green tea

green tea is made from a shrub known as Camellia sinensis and is loaded with nutrients help improve mental alertness and thinking

milk tea vs black tea vs green tea
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benefits of green tea

1. Improves brain function – The green tea contains caffeine, but much less than coffee. Although the effect of caffeine, which is still present improves our brain function .

2. Reduced Fat – If you want to lose weight, then Green tea is the best and easiest to do so. It increases fat burning and helps to increase metabolic rate . Therefore, improves physical performance.

3. Low risk of cancer – Green tea is a superlative source of antioxidants therefore It reduces the risk of various cancers. It can help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, etc.

4. Improves Health – Green Tea contains polyphenols . Is reduces the formation of free radicals in the body and protects molecules and cell breakage. Also helps in the prevention of diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

5. Skin Care -. Green tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant help reduce wrinkles, expression lines and all signs of aging properties

Risks of green tea

1. Insomnia – Drinking large amounts of green tea ( more than five cups a day ) it means you have a lot of caffeine that can cause a problem sleeping, nausea, diarrhea and can upset the stomach as well.

2. Iron deficiency – Green tea reduces the absorption of iron from food Therefore, drinking too much green tea it can be harmful, as it could increase the possibility of iron deficiency .

3. liver problem – The presence of green tea catechins is harmful , because they destroy the protective cells in our body. It prevents the body from metabolizing food and convert it into energy. Drinking too much of green tea is not good for your health.

Milk Tea

milk tea is made by mixing black tea with milk. milk tea contains two of the healthiest, antioxidants and calcium components, however, is not healthy . Interestingly, protein, found in milk disagree with catechins , which are present in tea.

milk tea vs black tea vs green tea
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1. Tea is full of antioxidants that are great for our health but the addition of milk that can completely ruin its effects.

2. Tea protects us from heart disease, but the addition of milk to which denies all benefits.

3. Tea also helps us lose weight, but this milk in it can prevent weight loss.

4. Tea is known to have anti-diabetic, anti-diabetic properties but these are reduced when milk is added to it.

Black Tea Vs Green Tea

Both green tea and Black tea are made from a shrub known as Camellia Sinensis . They grow in the same way but are harvested differently. Black tea is oxidized , ie, it is permitted chemically combine with oxygen, while the green tea leaves are not oxidized . Black tea contains about 10% polyphenols , while Green tea contains about 40% polyphenols.

Undeniably, green tea is better than any other tea, whether black or with milk and whether black tea and milk compared, the former is a better choice.

Enjoy your cup of tea. But before that we would like to know what you prefer or start the day with

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