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Military whistleblower told to keep her mouth shut over vaccine dangers

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military-woman (NaturalHealth365) Is the military leadership exposing US troops dangers of the vaccine You see, while more health conscious people focus on the impact of vaccines on our children, the truth is that anyone – including military personnel – may be a victim of the side effects of the horrible vaccines


a disgusting experiment : Military informer Sherrie Saunders is sharing the truth about vaccines administered in the military and its devastating effects on the health and welfare of many soldiers. She was a US Army doctor in a combat support hospital during the Gulf War, and one of his jobs was to administer vaccines.

See this emotional testimony by Sherrie Saunders – you will never be the same again:

Soldiers during the time of the Gulf War were given numerous shots, and one of them was the Anthrax vaccine. Saunders says that this vaccine was made by a company owned by former Vice President Dick Cheney called Blackwater.

Anthrax vaccine is made with animal protein, which can cause severe reactions in those who are allergic to it. Other examples of vaccines animal protein include flu vaccine and tetanus vaccine.

The former soldier says Gulf War Syndrome is being caused by vaccines

However, these side effects of vaccines and other adverse reactions of the soldiers were known as “Gulf War Syndrome” by the military -. Although many of those who hired him were never actually deployed in the Persian Gulf

Saunders is true that “Gulf War Syndrome” is an adverse reaction to the vaccine and was given a misleading name to divert attention away from the truth.

It is estimated that more than one third of US veterans of the Gulf War of 1991 are affected by the Gulf War Syndrome. Symptoms include muscle pain, chronic fatigue, cognitive problems, diarrhea and rashes. However, for people with severe allergies to vaccines based on animal protein, “Gulf War Syndrome” was fatal.

What is the real agenda of the vaccine within the armed forces?

Saunders says people in the military are “property”. You must do what you are told. She says the soldiers are used as guinea pigs while they are counted vaccines are “for protection.” The records are routinely “cleared” if problems arise. As a physician, he never received instructions to ask soldiers if they had any allergies to vaccines; everyone was just injected.

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When he started talking about the side effects of Anthrax vaccine, the unit was visited by “men in black suits around dark land with darkened windows” that told him to shut his mouth kept and simply do their job.

For Saunders, the need to speak was blocked by the fear of punishment

Since leaving the army, it has become even more openly about these injustices. She is also exposing even more sinister agenda she and other soldiers believe is at stake – one that paints vaccines as a tool used to shorten life expectancy intentionally for financial reasons. (Just look at the 7:11 mark – in the video above)


Saunders says his faith in a higher power gives him the strength and courage to continue to talk about vaccines. The American public needs to know about the dangers of vaccines, and the policies of the US military to see soldiers as disposable property.




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