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Migraine surprising reasons and remedies


Migraine is the biggest pain bothers and disturbs our daily routine bad . The pain of migraine pinches makes you sluggish and lazy.

Typically, the pain lasts 48 hours, sometimes, can stay longer.

Migraines are the result of a combination of enlargement of blood vessels and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the blood vessels.

is very important to identify things that trigger pain to prevent future attacks. The following are some of the surprising triggers:

sudden stop caffeine intake:
Recent studies suggest that people who are addicted to caffeine and reduce the amount of their daily intake to two cups a day are prone to migraine attacks. The headache occurs several hours after consumption of caffeine and is due to caffeine withdrawal.


is always advisable to bring the intake gradually and not all at once.

Stress: Long
stressful working hours and lead to changes in eating habits and sleeping hours are a major cause of migraine. People who are overworked suffer from attacks more often than the rest.


is always advisable to take enough rest and sleep after a hard day’s work.

A hot bath and a cup of lemon tea will relax down and fatigue the body is released.

Always remember that the idea is to go to sleep with a light head.

His appearance as surprising. However, the fact that sleeping more than nine hours a day also triggers migraine attacks. people who work tend to sleep less during the week and more sleep during the weekends. As your body gets used to certain hours of sleep each day, a sudden increase in the hours disrupts the routine. It is the result of fatigue, body aches and severe headache.

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Follow a regular sleep schedule

not sleep more than 8 to 9 hours. An average healthy adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep.

Hot Summer:
Roaming in the sun triggers a migraine attack faster than anything else.

High temperatures and high humidity are some of the weather conditions in the list of the most common culprits.


Although sun avoidance is the best way, but if you have to leave then do not forget to use an umbrella.

If you carry an umbrella is too demanding for you, then make it a point to wear a scarf to cover the head.

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Loud music:
Listening to loud music for a long time is one of the main causes of migraine attacks. The high decibels can lead to a dull ache that lasts about 72 hours or more.


that is low to prevent an attack.

Do not listen to music more than three to four hours a day as its ability to reduce your audience.
reactive hypoglycemia:
The high consumption of simple consumer as sugar and pasta can cause migraine. The body begins to produce more insulin, which breaks down sugar. In return, it causes levels of blood sugar to drop too low. This rise and fall of blood sugar leads to severe headaches.

An empty stomach:
It stops eating for hours leads to gastritis and headaches. Skipping breakfast is a common habit and a bad one at that.

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breakfast or lunch not skip

Be sure to start the day with fruit and cereal and plenty of water.

Early breakfast is always good for health

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The eyes are considered the most beautiful part of the face. And not only that, they are more delicate too. Here’s how to take care of their eyes in a daily note to preserve its beauty:

Always be sure to cover your eyes with sunglasses when you’re walking out. protecting eyes against UV rays and harsh sunlight. It also helps protect your contact lenses, if worn.

Remove eye makeup after entering the house. Carefully remove the use of coconut oil, olive oil or a good eye makeup Cream / solution.

Also, try not to wear glasses at home instead of contact lenses. That ways your eyes will be much more relaxed.

In addition, corneal infection due to contact lenses and solution is heard frequently these days. Care must be taken when using contact lenses.

If your eyes feel stressed, put the pad eyes cool and stand for 10-15 minutes.

can also use cotton swabs, dip them in rose water and put them in your eyes.

If possible, avoid using kajal as some particles can lead to form the layer of black under the eyes.

use a good eye cream or gel and apply it to your eyes before sleeping.

The migraine surprising reasons and remedies first appeared in Wellness2beauty.com .

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