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Microwave Ovens Can Lead to These Serious Diseases!

A tube known as produced microwave magnetron was invented by two scientists during World War II. The combination of the magnetrons in the British radar system in its mission to bomb the British Isles microwaves can find Nazi war planes.

A few years later, Percy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon Company accidentally discovered that microwaves can also cook food. By accident, he found a chocolate bar in his pocket melted by radar waves.

Indeed, the range of the radar, which was the first microwave oven in the market was as big as a refrigerator.

Research showed that microwave ovens are harmful to our health.

How can food be heated or cooked out by a microwave oven?

Specifically, alternating currents make atoms reverse their polarity, thereby producing friction and vibrating the water molecules within food, so the food is heated.

There 2450000000 hertz in a microwave oven is good, until the seal at the age of microwave door and begins to leak. It has been found that 10 hertz is the amount of frequency having harmful effects on the human body.

Therefore, be careful and never stops near an operating microwave.

What harmful effects can be triggered in the human body for a microwave?

  • Falls (since there is a lack of blood vessels in the eyes to dissipate heat from the microwave and cellular stress)
  • Viral and bacterial infection decreased resistance
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This is what makes the microwave to the food:

  • breaks the molecular and chemical bonds
  • The study by the Swiss scientist Hans Hertel, showed that in the microwave food, which degrades and exhaustion of all nutrients.
  • The food molecules are destroyed and deformed by microwave radiation, which results in harmful radioactive compounds.
  • 96% of the antibodies in breast milk are destroyed in the microwave.
  • The structure of infant formula is altered in the microwave. That is, it changes the amino acid components, resulting in immunological disorders.
  • In 1992, a search for Health study examined the effects of participants who consumed vegetables micro-corrugated. In addition, participants reported:

– high cholesterol levels quickly

– Reduction of hemoglobin, leading to anemia similar conditions

– Reduction of white blood cells

-. elevated white blood cells, showing poisoning and cell damage

You are still exposed to dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields, even if your microwave is well sealed. What’s more, EMF can actually enter human bodies and lead to serious health problems.

Limited exposure to electromagnetic fields .5mg – 2.5mg is recommended by the EPA. So if you stand 4 inches of your microwave oven is working, then you will be exposed to 100 -. 500 mg

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On the other hand, if you stand 3 feet away from your microwave oven is working, you will be exposed to 1 -. 25mg

Although microwaves can be more convenient and faster than the convection oven that reduces all the nutritional value of food and have a negative impact on your health.

Source: www.healthyandnaturallife.com

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