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Melt The Cysts With This Natural Remedy!

The cysts appear in different parts of the body, especially in women’s bodies. Medical methods are often invasive and painful and often there is a need to repeat the treatment.

Folk medicine is often known as useful in the treatment of many diseases. Speaking of cysts, here it is a good recipe with aloe vera.


liter -Half medical Alcohol
-The half a kilo of quality honey
-0.75 liters of red wine
-half of a kilo of coffee and chicory
-150 grams of aloe leaves (the herb is not allowed for irrigation 7 days before harvesting the leaves)


Clean aloe vera leaves peaks and then grind in a meat grinder or blender. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

need a large jar, preferably 3 kg, to gather all the ingredients. Close the jar and leave it in a cool dark place for 14 days.

Then empty the contents and store in glass bottles. Drink the liquid one or two hours before meals, three times a day, a spoonful.

is very important that the stomach empties before and after consumption of this popular medicine, which should not be mixed with food. When you drink the first dose, make another and keep drinking until results.

Many say that this drink helped most cysts disappear, especially smaller breasts, kidneys and female organs. Two doses is usually sufficient.

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can also consume this preventive medicine to boost immunity and improve overall performance of the organism. For children on this medicine it is given as a prevention for better immunity, but in smaller amounts adjusted according to their weight. The optimal dose would be half of one tablespoon three times daily.

Before you start using remedies of folk medicine, consult your doctor!

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