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Meet The Silver That DESTROYS 650 Different Pathogens & HEALS Inflammation In 72 Hours

Meet The Silver That DESTROYS 650 Different Pathogens & HEALS Inflammation In 72 Hours

Liquid Gold is not fashionable, for it is time to learn more about the liquid silver.

To be more precise, let’s talk about colloidal silver. This specific substance is done with the help of the electrolysis process to extract silver metallic, elemental pure water that has been distilled. People have used colloidal silver for medicinal purposes for centuries.

The truth is that modern medicine has not yet recognized the benefits of colloidal silver, but there are a growing number of scientific studies have confirmed that this special tonic should be part of our regular treatments for many ailments.

In this article, we present 15 uses and benefits of colloidal silver amazing. In addition, we will explain how to find the right cure colloidal silver.

The good news is that you can find varieties of high quality Internet.

1. Against all

turns out that colloidal silver is an excellent natural antibiotic and its effectiveness is based on having strong antimicrobial properties.

Many people may find this interesting and new statement, but the truth is that people in ancient Greece and Rome used this substance to prolong the life of your drinks and food.

This silver can kill bacteria, viruses and fungal infections as well.

A scientific research five years ago, it has confirmed that nanoparticles of colloidal silver have the ability to serve as an effective substitute for most options common antifungal treatment for health problems associated with Candida.

In addition, a scientific study in Taiwan has shown that colloidal silver is able to kill microorganisms two super resistant to common antibiotics. These superbugs are known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and MRSA.

Furthermore, this type of silver is very efficient when mixed with regular antibiotics against Staphylococcus infections and MRSA.

As a matter of fact, experts in the 80s have found more than 600 kinds of pathogens were eliminated quickly once were affected by small amounts of colloidal silver.

2. Combating inflammation

Apply some colloidal silver externally to relieve discomfort and pain that occurs as a result of inflammatory reactions and swelling. You can also speed healing and rapid recovery support.

Experts in the NIH (National Institutes of Health) have focused on determining the relationship between the impact of colloidal silver in pigs with skin inflammation and have concluded that pigs were were treated with this specific substance were almost totally recovered after three days while the pigs were untreated has the same level of inflammation as before.

Of course, do not forget that your diet may worsen or relieve inflammation.

3. Calmar Eye infections

Colloidal silver provides antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects which means it can help relieve and treat eye infections such as conjunctivitis, styes and conjunctivitis. The best part is that the treatment is very simple. Just add three drops of this money directly into the affected eye and perform your procedure three times a day.

can also use colloidal silver as a spray or eye wash if this type of application is more comfortable for you.

4. Cure ear infections

There are many things that lead to ear infections, but in many cases, different types of bacteria and fungi are the direct cause of this unpleasant situation. n situations like this, the popular prescription drugs can be completely useless because they are created to fight only certain types of bacteria.

That’s where colloidal silver comes into the picture. This silver removes a wide range of fungi and bacteria. There are many reports that colloidal silver is effective against “swimmer’s ear as well.

5. Facilitates cuts, burns and scrapes

This compound is compatible with the tissue and skin process healing and reduces inflammation at the same time. This means that colloidal silver is ideal for small nicks and cuts natural remedy.

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in addition, a scientific research reveals reputation Pharmacognosy Communications, suggests the use of colloidal silver in the treatment of burns (externally).

6. Calmar skin problems

Unfortunately, our skin can suffer from various health problems, including grains, psoriasis, white heads, blackheads, inflamed cysts and skin. these are all unpleasant and painful problems affecting our appearance.

is not really matter if these skin conditions come as a result of the presence and activity of the fungi, bacteria or viruses, as they can be eliminated by the calm and colloidal silver treatment.

In addition, this compound can accelerate the recovery of the affected tissues.

The best idea is to use silver colloids before sleeping directly on the affected area and should be able to witness the results after three days.

7. Remove sinus infections

Sinusitis is defined as a constant feeling of pressure and / or pain in the facial area and nostrils almost completely blocked. This condition has a direct impact on the quality of life.

Doctors often recommend the use of antibiotics, steroids and painkillers different to control and eliminate this condition, but most of them come with specific side effects.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that provide the same results without side effects. For example, colloidal silver is very effective when used as a nasal spray and this statement was confirmed in a study revealed two years ago during the Forum for Allergy and Rhinology.

Thus, slowly tilt your head back and use a few drops directly on the nose.

8. Defeating the flu and common colds

Due to the fact that colloidal silver is a very powerful antimicrobial substance, it is not surprising that it can significantly reduce the intensity and duration flu and common colds. When people experience the first symptoms of flu and colds usually they are given decongestants.

However, in Italy Medicines Agency has issued a warning urging people to avoid using these prescription drugs in children under 12.

This warning was diverted inspiration to carry out a scientific study focused on the impact of a mixture of beta glucan and colloidal silver against a mixture of saline nasal congestion in children.

Scientists have found that although both groups showed improvement, nine out of 10 users of colloidal silver were able to recover completely, while only 6 out of 10 of those using saline were able to achieve the same.

9. Taking care of pneumonia

Dr. Axe said that antibiotics provide only limited effects when it comes to the fight against pneumonia and bronchitis. Of course, when pneumonia comes from the viral infection, we can not expect that the positive effects of antibiotics.

The good news is that colloidal silver is able to combat a wide range of pathogens which can provide relief in cases like this.

In situations like this, colloidal silver should be ingested or inhaled internally with the help of a nebulizer. Dr. Axe advises the use of a teaspoon of this silver, three times a day for about 15 minutes in order to eliminate these problems. Treatment should not last more than three days.

10. Cure sore throat

To relieve pain in the sore throat that occurs as a result of the activity of different pathogens in it, just for a gargle time Colloidal Silver.

Use one or two tablespoons of silver and gargle for up to two minutes. Perform this procedure no more than five times a day until it is completely healed.

Please note that this substance should spit out of the mouth so you can eliminate the microbes that inhabit the oral cavity. Feel free to use colloidal silver in aerosol form.

11. Can be used in other living beings, too

should also be mentioned that colloidal silver is beneficial for our pets as well.

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For example, it can be used to heal minor wounds and cuts, infections, ear infections and eye and even ringworm in dogs. When used orally, you should use a maximum of 10 drops of colloidal silver, twice daily. When used to clean wounds, use a cotton swab to spot a couple of times a day.

In cases of ear infection, use a few drops a day for no more than ten days and in cases of ear infections using a single drop, three times a day.

Colloidal silver is good for cats too. It has proved very effective against MRSA, skin diseases, fungal infections, tear stains and acne in cats.

12. Great for gardeners

Another interesting aspect of colloidal silver is that this substance is not good only for medical issues. For example, it has the ability to eliminate fungal infections in plants and the like.

A scientific study revealed five years ago in the journal Mycobiology reputable, has shown that the use of silver nanoparticles directly on the roots of green onion can completely destroy infections specific fungi that are able to kill the plant.

Therefore, add some colloidal silver directly to “base of the plant or simply mix in a bottle regular spray (use distilled water) and spray the roots and problematic leaves.

13. a completely natural washing fruits and vegetables

we all know that buying or growing fruits and organic vegetables is the best option, but there are cases where we can not follow this recommendation.

If you want to keep safe from the regular products, creating a mixture of colloidal silver and use it as a natural wash fruits and vegetables.

to prepare this remedy, a cup of water is poured regular ½ cup vinegar and put two tablespoons of table salt. Wait until dissolved. in the end a ¼ colloidal silver cup is poured. put your fresh fruits and vegetables in the mixture and let soak for about five minutes .

Finally, rinse well and get a product free of chemicals.

14. To preserve the freshness of flowers

Pack your home with attractive flowers and enjoy its freshness long pouring a small amount of colloidal silver vases. It sounds weird, but it is not a scientific study to support this claim.

Two years ago, experts from the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Department of Horticulture) found that small silver particles have the ability to stop bacterial activity that blocked the transport of moisture and nutrients to the flower head.

However, when they are mixed with water colloidal silver (35 ppm), all kept their beautiful flowers petals twice longer than the plants that were not treated with colloidal silver.

15. Remove pet odor

pet odor is definitely something that can ruin your convenience. Who wants to enter a house that smells like pet urine or other pet odors?

If you own a cat who is fond spraying urine around your house or a dog who thinks he has to mark territory, even when you are at home, try sprinkling problem areas with colloidal silver.

Many people claim that this solution is able to remove odor and prevent marking in this area in the future even more.

When it comes to pet odors in general or to make pet bedding and freshest sofas, create a mix of filtered and colloidal silver water, put it in a bottle and fog in the area.

. Note: As already mentioned, colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and completely this remedy should not be used for a long period of time because overuse can eliminate good bacteria too

The know La Plata that destroys HEALS 650 different pathogens and inflammation within 72 hours first appeared in BASE HEALTHY LIFE .

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