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Meditation for Kids for Better Growth

Meditation is a state of consciousness in which one person controls his thoughts or literally think of absolute. Although it sounds easy, it is one of the hardest things to do as an unstable mind can not stop thinking!

Meditation, however, is not limited to this alone. Which is controlling breathing, concentration, self discarding the outside world and the search for peace in the “I”. You have several levels of consciousness and meditation makes us reach and control, it is ultimately a means to help us look inside ourselves.

overall benefits of meditation:

Many people have a conception that meditation is simply sitting quietly in one place, doing nothing. There is a constant search for “why should I meditate? ” What benefits reap just with meditation? ‘

Scientifically, meditation is the ultimate mantra for absolute health and wellness. The calm meditation thoughts a person puts an end to the agitation, stabilizes emotions, eliminates complex, helps to overcome fears and fosters a positive attitude. emotions, moods, fears, etc. are so harmful to the body as lack of sleep, junk food and not exercising. These internal factors have a huge effect on our overall health.

offers meditation with the inner well that is and helps in maintaining it. Some of his main benefits noted below:
relieves stress
right meditation at the beginning of the day can not only neutralize the stress you already have, but also can give you a positive frame of mind that keeps inflicting additional stress factors away from you.

physical benefits:
Meditation controls blood pressure, reduces aches and pains. Regular meditation can keep you full of energy, it enhances the immune system and prevent disease threats, promotes good sleep, etc.

mental benefits: Meditation a person is said
to heal emotionally damaged people at any time, which allows a person to see things clearly and unambiguously, doing meditation tends to be happier, the ability to solve problems and increases the chances of getting sags.

Yoga and Meditation for Kids

Meditation for Children-How to teach children meditation?

Children may not know much about stress, at that age everything is fun. They are not aware of what is agitation; sleep well and have simple solutions to all their problems. They do not even know what consciousness. For a child, meditation certainly appear like sitting with your eyes closed. Without knowing all this, how you can make a child understand what is meditation? The important factor here is to get a child in the practice of meditation, all these terms are understood in time for them.

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Some of the listed techniques of effective meditation for children is not only easy to understand but also easy to execute:

attention to the audience:

  • children should be invited to sit back and close your eyes.
  • For a couple of minutes to activate their knowledge of the audience and try to observe everything they hear.
  • Once the eyes open, have to write everything they had heard.
  • So they can not express, can describe the nature or the sensation of sound.
  • This exercise should be repeated two or three times.

A child learns in this exercise to identify that there are sounds from within and some sounds that exist, but that we do not notice at all. This is like a small step toward consciousness and awareness.

Mindfulness of taste:

  • arranged for a raisin, grape, walnut or any small edible.
  • This is the task of the edible chew as slowly as possible.
  • Before putting it into your mouth, out the raisins, nuts, etc.
  • Note the color, texture, shine, pattern, how they feel between fingers, etc., and then put it in his mouth.
  • chew as slowly as possible, while your eyes are closed. This can last three to four minutes.
  • Ask the child who is chewing with his / her experience.

This exercise raises awareness among children that even the simplest of things have much to offer and is the consciousness that makes them look into it observantly.

Attention in motion:

  • Make pairs and let the kids help each other in this activity.
  • A child feel relaxed with eyes closed and hands joint.
  • The other child has a piece of paper and a pen ready to jot down several things.
  • The meditating child will feel movement, vibration, energy and many other things. He has to verbalize and your partner should write what the first says.
  • The same must be repeated for the other child.

This activity makes a child aware of all movements, senses and energy that exists that he / she never felt before. This Corrales exercise of the window to a new dimension of consciousness and understanding.

Mindfulness of breathing:

  • Close your eyes and sit comfortably.
  • All your concentration throughout this exercise should be on your breathing.
  • A child needs to figure out and use his / her creativity in this activity.
  • Feel the air entering the nostrils and fill your lungs.
  • imagine the oxygen that reaches into every part of your body.
  • Feel how to breathe and their bodies get benefited by it.
  • Notice how the air goes in and out.
  • Do this exercise for about five minutes.
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This activity makes a conscious child of body functions. It teaches that the simplest functions such as breathing can be as vast and extremely important to understand, as all things in the universe.

meditation for kids Meditation for children:

Meditation for children is a beneficial activity that can help in their development. Meditation is perceived as something that should be done by adults and older men and women. But in the real sense, it is so beneficial for children and the elderly. Some meditation techniques that are very beneficial for children listed below:

Ask your child to sit comfortably on the floor. In the attitude of meditation, ask your child to focus on breathing. Everything else has to be ignored and the focus should be absolute in the observation of breathing initially. Gradually, ask your child to control his / her breath and ask them not to lose focus.

Ask your child to meditate and IT imagine! Imagine how the pattern of breathing, energy pulses and sensations are relevant to the world. Feel everything that happens inside and display.

Sahaja Yoga meditation:

Sahaja Yoga Meditation for kids

Sahaj Yoga meditation for children is a meditation technique Interactive makes a person meditates in the performance of some stocks, amid some music. Children enjoy interactivity and is the best way to meditate at his age.

Meditation for children is an ideal place to start a spiritual life. Learn meditation at an early age provides the foundation by which a better life can be lived. Meditation keeps anxiety, stress, fear, etc. complex away and also gives children a positive mood.

There are many techniques that teach meditation to children. Sahaja Yoga is one of the most unique and most effective ways to teach meditation to children and toddlers who are interested in her methods. Teaching your children physically meditation not only help them in terms of fitness, but also help improve your concentration and overall performance in life.

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